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The 10 Hottest Inland Empire Concerts in August

While the summer winds down, music never stops

Amplif[ie]d | The 10 Hottest Concerts in July

What's hotter than the weather? Only the hottest concerts happening in the Inland Empire this month.

The Cold Comfort Band

Tune in for the blues, funk and rock flair by The Cold Comfort Band

Top 10 Hottest June Concerts

Get ready for sweet beats beneath the summer sun

Chase Walker Band

Chase Walker Band's high-energy blues has been compared to some of the greatest names in music

Top 10 May Concerts

May this month bring you warm weather and feel good music

Eva and the Vagabond Tales

Eva and the Vagabond Tales is a unique band with distinct sounds that captivate listeners 

Inside Riot

Meet a band of musicians who were made to perform

Amplif[ie]d | Top 10 April Concerts

Lose yourself in the music this April with our round up of the hottest concerts

Amplif[ie]d | Top 10 March Concerts

Get ready to sham-ROCK all month long!

Amplif[ie]d | Top 10 February Concerts

Fall in love with some new music this month

Amplif[ie]d | Fox and the Red Hares

A live performance by Fox and the Red Hares is packed with talent and entertainment

Amplif[ie]d | Insomniac Countdown NYE 2015

See why Insomniac throws the best music festivals year-round

Amplif[ie]d | The 10 Hottest Concerts in January

Get ready to ring in the New Year with some feel good music!

Amplif[ie]d | Dead End Friends

Enjoy the humor and rock 'n' roll of Dead End Friends—the self-proclaimed "friends to the friendless"

Amplif[ie]d | The 10 Hottest Concerts in December

Have a holly jolly holiday with these 10 December concerts that will promise nights will filled with laughter, jingles and joy!

Amplif[ie]d | Album Review: Miss Chief Releases Debut EP

Miss Chief's debut EP—a place where retro and modern collide.

Amplif[ie]d | The 10 Hottest Concerts in November

Music makes the world go 'round! Choose your concert, and get ready to rock out, groove and move!

Amplif[ie]d | The Inland Empire Record Collective

The Inland Empire Record Collective brings together vinyl enthusiasts of all genres.

Amplif[ie]d | Rye Brothers

The power pop country music of Rye Brothers is sure to get you moving!

Amplif[ie]d | Verses the Octopus

Philosophical lyrics and killer harmonies are signature qualities behind the music of Verses the Octopus.

Amplif[ie]d | Royaljag

Tune into infectious harmonies and memorable riffs by Royaljag.

Amplif[ie]d | End of Summer Concert Series at the LA County Fair—Kool & The Gang

Get ready for an amazing night of music at the LA County Fair Summer Concert Series.

Amplif[ie]d | Faye And The Fella

Local acoustic duo Faye And The Fella is evidence of the IE's abundant musical talent.

Amplif[ie]d | Rag House Records

Meet the woman behind the Inland Empire's all-female, all-genres indie label—Rag House Records.

Amplif[ie]d | Miss Chief

Miss Chief and her band of misters and miss have brought garage pop to the IE—and we couldn't be more grateful

Amplif[ie]d | Run With The Mammoth

Run With The Mammoth is connecting with fans through their language of music

Amplif[ie]d | Ill Smith

Ill Smith's musical metaphors and transparent life perspective bring something personal and unique to hip-hop

Amplif[ie]d | Voodoo Glow Skulls

Voodoo Glow Skulls have been dominating the IE for decades!

Amplif[ie]d | SANGRE

Latin metal band SANGRE is bringing their melodic sound to a city near you

Amplif[ie]d | Sheyna Gee

Kick your heels up to some California country by local artist, Sheyna Gee

Amplif[ie]d | The Logs

The Logs prove the punk scene is alive and well in the IE

Amplif[ie]d | Badfish

The rock-reggae-ska legend of Sublime lives on.

Amplif[ie]d | Almost Anywhere

Almost Anywhere is keeping it metal in the IE and beyond!

Amplif[ie]d | GrooveSession

Barefoot musicians play moovin' groovin' that will get you dancing

Amplif[ie]d | All-In

All-In is a band who can execute a variety of genres with ease and talent

Amplif[ie]d | BedroomTalk

Getting cozy with local band Bedroom Talk

Amplif[ie]d | Travel Back in Time at Rock ‘n’ Remember with The Flux Capacitors

The Flux Capacitors rock the Inland Empire with our favorite '80s songs

Amplif[ie]d | Natalie Brooke

This San Bernardino local has a voice that will knock your socks off

Amplif[ie]d | JMSN

JMSN turns out to be just as intriguing as his tunes