DI-WednesdaY | Pom Pom Bracelet

pom pom bracelet and milkshake

Sponsored by The Bountiful Basket

By Jaqueline Gutierrez

Hello Everyone!

We’re back in the swing of things and what’s a better way to shake off that post-holiday fog than with a cute DIY? Besides, we all know our bank accounts are still in recovery so retail therapy isn’t exactly an option. Instead pastel colored pom poms will have to do the trick.


Pom Pom Bracelet

Adapted from original, here.


1 Fork

Yarn in color(s) of our choice

Eye Pins

Jump Rings and a lobster clasp

Silver or gold chain to match  

Jewelry side cutters, needle nose pliers, and round nose pliers

Fabric scissors



  1. Cut a 6 inch length of yarn for every pom pom you’re going to make, set aside.
  2. Take the end of the yarn and hold it against the fork with the thumb of the hand that is holding the fork. Use your other hand to wrap the yarn around the two center tines and then around the fork 34-36 times. Use a strand of previously cut yarn to tie around the center by threading through the center tines.
  3. Slip the yarn off the fork and tighten the knot, secure with another single knot
  4. Cut through the loops. Roll them in your hands to fluff, give them a trim all around to get that perfect round pom pom shape.
  5. Stick an eye pin through your pom and use your round nose pliers to curve the straight end of the pin into a loop on that side as well. If your pins are too long for the pom, you can use your cutters to trim it down a bit before bending your loop. Repeat process with each of your poms. Now you'll want to cut small sections of chain to the same length to connect each of your pom sections together.
  6. You'll actually end up making the bracelet a lot longer than you think because the fluffy poms sit up off your wrist. So just measuring your actual wrist and making the bracelet that long won't work. I have an average wrist and my bracelet needed to be 9" long to fit loosely around my wrist. So my chain segments were about 1/2" long with the two end segments a little shorter (don't forget your bracelet clasp ends are part of your measurement too).
  7. Cut each segment a little longer than you think because you can always shorten the segment but have to cut a whole new piece to make it longer. Use your pliers to open the eye pin loops on each side of your pom, connect them together with your chain segments, and then close the loops again to secure. Add the clasp parts to the ends of your bracelet chains with a jump ring between them.

Thanks to The Bountiful Basket for its sponsorship of our DI-WednesdaY series. Its creative gift baskets gave us the inspiration to kick start our craftiness. Thanks, Bountiful Baskets!