Taste | Punch Bowl Social Rancho Cucamonga

By Jaqueline Gutierrez


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Punch Bowl Social is the new addition to Victoria Gardens that kind of blew us out of the water. Now, up until actually visiting the location I was under the impression that this was going to be like Gameworks on crack. It’s actually so much better than that.

Let’s get to the food. I would like to preface the food porn with something first, Punch Bowl gets its customers. They know we won’t just settle for average restaurant fare, and they delivered.

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Fra’ Mani Fried Bologna Sandwich

This Midwestern and Southern favorite got a makeover. Instead of classic bologna, fra’ mani mortadella is used, accompanied with a bright green and salty Castelvetrano olive Tapenade. Fresh tomato and gruyere cheese cut through the salty flavors. Served with kettle chips this sandwich is just begging for a beer.

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Chicken and Waffles


Everything about this dish speaks to me. The waffle itself is malted waffle, it’s slightly sweet and is the perfect base to build on. The fried chicken is moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. It’s drizzled with a smoked jalapeno maple pecan syrup (I know, I gasped a little too). The dish is punctuated with quarters of fresh strawberries. The chicken and waffles are garnished with a few very on-trend fried basil leaves.

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Crispy Chicken Biscuits

These were actually my personal favorite, the biscuit itself is also hot and most. Buttery and flaky with a shiny top, it’s split down the middle to allow for more of their delicious fried chicken. Bread and butter pickles are tucked in like precious little babies and slathered with spicy honey. The spicy honey really brings it home, if home was your stomach. They served this with crispy potatoes.

Let's get to my favorite part of the review!

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I got to try all three of Punch Bowl Social's Adult Milkshakes. They are technically part of their Crafted Beverage menu but these milkshakes are reminiscent of the extreme milkshake trend that still litters the explore page of any foodie instagrammer. Except better, because they have alcohol. 

 The Milk-Xologist

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The milkshake is going to be as close as you'll get to a traditional vanilla milkshake as you'll get, yet it's so much more. it is flavored with Branca Menta Liquer and St. George Nola Coffee Liquer. It is served in a mason jar (to-die-for) with a sprig of mint. I know coffee mint and vanilla soft serve sound weird together, but it's incredibly mellow. Dpending on how many drinks that night, it could also leave you feeling refreshed like you just brushed your teeth

Malted Maple Royale

malted maple royale milkshake

Do you like whiskey in your egg nog around the holidays? Of course you do, you're an intelligent person. This milkshake is made with Crown Royal Maple Whiskey to give it that kick. Malted milk adds an extra dimension of clavor and nutmeg serves to remind you akmost instantly egg nog. Oh, and they don't mess around with any stir sticks in these milkshakes, no, the give a slice of extra crispy candied bacon. 

B. B. Alexander

b. b. alexander milkshake punch bowl social

Was this named after Baseball Legend, Alexander the Great? One can only speculate. Though once you try this, you won't think twice about ordering this again. The vanilla soft serve base is spiked with banana infused brandy and vlended with fresh banana. If you don't mind a little texture, you'll love this. It's topped with a healthy swirl of whipped cream (all the milkshakes are),drizzled with salted caramel, and granished with cute little banana chips. It's as iff someone wanted to make a portable versionb of Bananas Foster A la Mode, and they succeeded.

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The front page of Punvh Bowl Social's website hails "Here's to Going Out Right". They capture the essence of that statement. Now, I'm not easily to please, but my father is more so. I took him along as a little test and he LOVED IT. He loved that the location was nig, the drinks were strong, there are plenty of things to do, and most of all he kept saying he liked the casual vibe it had. All in all, a night at Punch Bowl Social is like going to your really cool friend's really cool house party, complete with live music. 

That my friends, it truly is going out right.