Letter From The Editor – August 2015



Since the first day I met Su Pak, Founder and Publisher for IEShineOn.com, my overwhelming passion, excitement and pride for our website has only continued to grow. I remember sitting in Dolce Cafe & Bakery in Montclair, dreaming and planning out exciting, new editorial content for IEShineOn.com’s website relaunch.

Now, almost one year into serving as the Editor for the relaunched site, we have been hitting each mark we set for ourselves, and I am eager and inspired to continue on with future goals to bring our readers more of the IE’s good times!

Although I haven’t been with the website since its first launch back in 2012, my mission is to work feverishly to bring you, our loyal readers, the best times happening throughout the Inland Empire.

If you have been with us from the beginning, then you probably already depend on our Inland Empire Lifestyle Guides, which include events and places to go by region throughout the Inland Empire, from weekend events and the best local coffee spots to water parks, summer movies and farmers markets.

In addition to our signature guides, we now publish weekly and monthly lifestyle posts, giving readers exclusive insight into our personal recommendations for the Inland Empire from our chef approved Dining to the most captivating Arts this region has to offer. Committed to catering to every part of our IE-local lifestyle, we have also launched amazing new columns to share SoCal Family Fun, locally sourced recipes, Wellness, Style & Fashion, Music, Nightlife, DIY/Crafts, Inland Empire News, Community organizations, Food & Drink, giveaways and so much more!

It’s clear to see—there is something for everyone at IEShineOn.com, and we’re happy to keep the best times coming your way, every day of the week!

Check back the first Monday of every month to get a little more insight into our content, editorial team and even a little about myself.


Until next time, Inland Empire!

Jamie Durante, Editor


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BierBuzz and IEShineOn Join Forces




If you’ve been following IEShineOn.com via our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram then you’ve seen our announcement about partnering with BierBuzz.com.

So, why BierBuzz? They’re the yin to our yang. Not only are they passionate about their content and based here in the Inland Empire, and by combing forces we’re able to help each other fill in the gaps and make our websites stronger.

IEShineOn.com was looking for someone to help us with content focused on the exploding brewery scene in the Inland Empire.  We could have attempted to write the content ourselves, but, like with our other features columns (i.e. Taste, Sara’s Kitchen Adventures, Style Me Forward, etc.) we wanted to have someone who is credible, knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.  After one conversation with BierBuzz CEO Jason Torres, we knew we would not only be working with a group who is knowledgeable about beer and the local beer scene but also allow us to increase our reach in the Inland Empire.

So, what can you expect to see with this new partnership? Some obvious things, like cross promoting content, more beer focused content on IEShineOn.com, beer event promotions and giveaways, and did we mention…more giveaways?

With this partnership IEShineOn.com will be able to offer advertising on BierBuzz.com to potential promotional partners, like businesses interested in targeting a local male audience, passionate about beer and good times.

So, cheers to more good times and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



Publisher, IEShineOn.com

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Music is in the Air in the Inland Empire



IEShineOn.com is in love with music this month. It’s probably the Coachella fever that takes over Southern California during the month of April. But for me, it’s the Spring weather that reminds me that Summer is not far away and that means outdoor concerts, outdoor movies and a slew of concerts.

You can tell we’re feeling the music festival spirit with some of our features like our new Inland Empire Music Festival Guide, listing Spring, Summer and Fall music festivals – some of the largest festivals in the country.

Our Style Me Forward feature, written by Nectar Clothing, also features music festival styles we can wear to concerts all season long, or just rock during these hot days and nights.

One of the biggest jewels in our crown this year is the launch of our brand new video series The Inside Scoop.  We’ve partnered with KreatiVisuals, from Chino, to help us with video production.  We met with the owner of La Bomba Vintage Clothing in Downtown Pomona. If you’re familiar with DT Pomona, you know that La Bomba is a staple. This is why we wanted to feature La Bomba for our first The Inside Scoop.  We want this video series to feature the “cool kids” of the Inland Empire who have been in the area for a long time, supporting the cultural, social and economic well-being of the region.

After speaking with the owner, Albert, we knew it fit right in with our “love of music” theme we have happening in April.  La Bomba personifies the intersection of fashion and music.  You can learn more about what that means in our interview with Albert.  Here’s one video where we ask Albert where he likes to go to unwind in the I.E.


This month IEShineOn.com saw a lot of growth, not only with new features like The Inside Scoop, and our recent first team appreciation dinner, but with other behind the scenes things I can’t yet announce.  I look forward to sharing more of these updates with you every month here on the blog.

Till next time,


Publisher, IEShineOn.com