12 Days of Giving 2016 - Yucaipa Vision Quest

By Megan McClain

Many political, social and spiritual groups encourage being altruistic and giving back to your community year-round. However, something is in the air during the holiday season that really brings out the spirit of giving in all of us. For 12 days throughout December, we want to inspire you to give back to those who are in need in our local neighborhoods. Our "12 Days of Giving" feature shares the impact and needs of 12 different Inland Empire charities. Our hope is that each feature will inform, inspire and encourage you to donate, volunteer or give back in some way. Please consider giving the gift of kindness to a stranger this season, because it may be the only one they receive.

Day Nine – Yucaipa Vision Quest


A non-profit with creative vision, Yucaipa Vision Quest is a community-centered organization that strives to foster innovation and bring artistic opportunities to local residents.

Yucaipa Vision Quest Art Gallery offers free art classes to the community and promotes the work of local artists.

Vision Quest sponsored an interactive community art project at the Spring Music and Arts Festival in Yucaipa, with a Volkswagen Bus standing ready for anyone to add their own personal artistic touch. For the fall festival, it organized a community mural that was painted during the event.

The gallery is open to the public from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturdays, and by appointment other times of the week. It also regularly hosts art classes for the community, with a Tuesday night drawing class and Friday and Saturday classes. It also holds special event classes with artists.

Donations to Vision Quest support programs, community projects and outreach.

Vision Quest Yucaipa Vision Quest Art Gallery, is located at 35136 Ave “A” in Yucaipa. For more information visit www.yucaipavisionquest.com or call (909) 790-7377, and visit their news section and social media for information about upcoming events.