Nightlife | Walk With The Ghosts at March Field Air Museum

By: Megan McClain

The March Field Air Museum had been on list of places to go for a while. But when I went, it was dark. Planes were silhouetted against the light of the nearby airfield, and I found myself in a room with my friend Kelly and some other people who had come to see a more hidden part of the museum’s offerings.

The ghosts that stay there.

After-hours paranormal tours are offered by Synergy Paranormal, who was requested to investigate the museum after many strange occurrences were reported by staff and volunteers. Every couple of months, a group of 12-15 people can spend the later hours walking through pitch-black airplane hangars and through a graveyard of military aircraft, listening and looking for otherworldly residents.




We started the Walk With The Ghosts tour with Synergy Paranormal team leader Gary Lacey over the equipment used, a EMF ( electromagnetic field) meter, a thermal camera, and ‘ghost box’ that scans radio frequencies, allowing the ghosts to use the energy to be heard over the frequency. We were handed EMF meters in groups of two or three. He tried to pull up a couple of voice recordings on his computer show us what kind of phenomenon had been recorded there in previous trips, but the equipment mysteriously wouldn’t work.

I know, right? That’s starting it off on the right foot.



The team and our group toured a couple rooms with museum volunteers describing the mysterious events that have happened, and then we walked over to the museum’s C141 Starlifter, a large plane that brought back the wounded and dying from Vietnam.

There, the tour leader Gary turned on recording equipment to record electronic voice phenomenon, EVPs, and the group asked questions while listening for noises. Occasionally, we heard the clicking of the instrument panels – but no one was there. It seemed got a couple knocks or sounds that seemed in response to the questions, but it was always someone else reporting it.

After we turned on a ghost box, we ended up hearing male and female voices coming over the radio – the male naming members of the group, and the female, a nurse, describing her reason for staying as being “her duty” and answering a question that she loved pink and yellow.  My favorite colors too.  Next time I’m the area I’m dropping off flowers to honor a spirit dedicated to helping others even after her death.

I got a chance to hold the thermal camera in this plane, and I was amazed to point it across the way and see energy radiating at near-human temperatures from an empty seat no one was even near, and more coming from the cockpit area.

By the way, before we entered the plane Kelly and I had snapped a couple pictures – I wasn’t even aiming at the window.  I just wanted to remember what we were boarding for later. But look who knew we were coming.



Can’t see what I see?

Here’s a close up Kelly took right when I was taking my picture a she stood by me.


2015 Kelly Sudol

Copyright 2015 Kelly Sudol


Ready for it? Kelly and I both got the same evidence in our pictures – this is a crop of my shot. Hers was on an iPhone 6+ and it was also very visible (slight correction for clarity).



What appears to be someone with a white shirt and jacket and googles or binoculars looking at us, right where I was seeing a lot of energy through the thermal camera inside the plane. Kelly also had an image where he was visible on the other side of the large plane.

We toured more areas, including a section of the museum that was once a farmhouse where a young family passed away. I never got any personal experiences, they didn’t even answer any questions I asked out loud but my friend Kelly felt touches, saw a couple moving orbs, and felt something touch her back while we were checking out a helicopter not usually on the tour, but picking up readings on our EMF meter on one certain section.

As we walked past planes I was shooting Kelly from behind since she was getting more experiences than I was. I was looking for orbs, bright circles, versus the usual dust particles that produce sheer circles with a brighter border.

I was checking out the circles when I realized there was someone smiling for the camera. (Second photo is edited for clarity.)


So my experience? I haven’t even described half of it. It blew my mind to see what I felt as real evidence. The group is respectful, considerate, and leaves coffee and cigarettes for ghosts on occasion, so I felt they had a lot of care for what they were doing and for the history of the planes.

As for my evidence—right now, it’s all opinions. What do YOU see?

Check out Synergy Paranormal's site for more examples of evidence collected on investigations.

The next March Field Air Museum “Walk with the Ghosts” tour will be on November 14, 2015 from 9p.m. to 1a.m. The tour is $50 per person. Guests are encouraged to bring cameras, flashlights and recorders.


You can find out more information about the tour or register through contacting Gary at


Disclaimer: None of my evidence has officially been confirmed or dismissed since the group took a collective 9000 images and several recording sessions that are still being investigated. When my evidence is reviewed this post will be updated.