A Day at International Day Spa [dedicated]

By Katrina Honer

When I think of spas, I think of glamorous marble-decked buildings – a tropical oasis with cascading waterfalls and several pools. When I booked an appointment for a body scrub at International Day Spa in Redlands, I found that while the spa did not have waterfalls and pools, it certainly did not need those bells and whistles to be considered the perfect Inland Empire oasis that I could ever ask for.

Tucked away on a quite street in downtown Redlands, the International Day Spa resides not in marble, but in a quaint Victorian-styled house. With a baby-blue exterior, white shutters and a brick walkway, I was overcome with the nostalgic feeling of being welcomed home. Upon entering the foyer, the sweet smells of lavender and orange blossom perfumed me as I admired the large displays of locally sourced soaps, bath salts, oils and candles.

As requested, I checked in 30 minutes before my appointment and I soon learned why. After a speedy check-in at the front desk, a cheery attendant led me to a quiet room where I was seated in a comfy loveseat and provided tea, an apple to snack on and a warm neck wrap as I waited for my service.

While waiting, I was also offered the option to enjoy a complimentary aromatherapy foot bath or a chance to further enhance my body scrub by experiencing the Turkish steam room. There's nothing I love more than decompressing in a sauna after a workout, so I was curious to know how different the steam room would be.

To enjoy the full benefits of the steam room, I was provided a robe and slippers to change into, as well as a convenient basket in which to store my clothes and belongings. Before the attendant shut the door, she graciously provided me a hand towel and glass of water to stay hydrated. Although I was alarmed that I could not see beyond my arms’ reach in the room, I soon gave into the steam's soothing warmth as my muscles began to relax and the only sound I could hear was my own breathing.

Time passed too quickly when the attendant came back to let me know my service was ready. Led to another tranquil room – dimmed with twinkling lights and filled with enchanting music – I was greeted by another spa attendant who would perform my scrub. A leather bed covered in plastic dominated the room, where I was instructed to lay face down. As I stepped up onto the bed, I glanced toward the ceiling and, to my surprise, saw five flower-adorned Vichy hoses that ran the length of the bed. I knew that I was going to get wet, but I had the no idea I would literally be showered.

I heard the faucet turn and my body was immediately caressed with what felt like warm summer rain. The continuous spray of water from each of the hoses angled to massage every point on my body from my neck to my feet. After 10 minutes of enjoying the pleasant shower, the attendant began to coat my body in a lavender-scented scrub and buff my skin using exfoliation gloves.

She began with my back and then began scrubbing my legs. Once buffed to perfection, I was rinsed with warm water and flipped over she could repeat the process on my arms and stomach. As my scrub came to an end, the attendant graciously applied International Day Spa’s signature locally made mango-papaya lotion all over my skin.

Leaving the spa feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated, days later I was still extremely satisfied with my buff. Even after a week, my skin still remained ultra-smooth. I knew I had to book another treatment when my attendant sent me a personal postcard in the mail thanking me for my time and $10 off my next service.

Should you find yourself looking for a day of relaxation and paradise, I guarantee the customer service you will receive at the International Day Spa will be nothing less than exceptional.

International Day Spa is located at 325 Cajon Street in Redlands. View and book your next treatment at the International Day Spa by visiting online here or by calling (909) 793-9080.

Full Disclosure: The treatments were provided complimentary by the International Day Spa; however, all opinions are 100 percent our own.


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