Amplif[ie]d | Almost Anywhere

By: Jamie Durante

It’s not every day that an all-female metal band dominates the stage with original songs that could make Justin Beiber cry. Inspired by other hard rock and metal bands like Black Veil Brides, Metallica and System of a Down, it wouldn’t give the unique musicians behind Almost Anywhere the justice they deserve to say they sound the same—they have a presence all their own. With lead vocalist Emily Patterson giving off a sound that is reminiscent of Evanescence, it's impressive to see she also throws it down on rhythm guitar. Jackie Parry handles the lead guitar while contributing complimenting backup vocals, and Jessica Parry shows off her skill with the drums, laying a serious foundation for the others to run with.


These three young women have perfected and developed their sound over the years, as they met each other while separately attending rock music lessons at the same school. With alike musical interests and an endless supply of talent, Emily, Jessica and Jackie have been busy writing new music and performing since throughout the Inland Empire and beyond. They were happy to share more about it their musical endeavors, as well as their pride for being female musicians.

Q. Who are your band members?   

Almost Anywhere: Our band currently consists of three members: Emily Patterson on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jessica Parry on drums, and Jackie Parry on lead guitar and backup vocals. Kiana De Leon is currently filling in for us on bass.

Q. Tell us about your upcoming and past album releases.

We just released our debut EP last year called Closed World, Wounds Open. It consists of five songs that we each wrote together. As of now, we are currently working to release another EP and hope to have it finished by the end of this year.

Q. What is unique about being in an all-female hard rock band?

It is a very special thing for us to be an all female band because the rock music industry has always been so heavily dominated with male musicians. As an all girl rock band, we hope to inspire more females to follow their dreams in the music industry and to not be afraid to express their musical style.   

Q. Tell us about your songwriting process.

Our songwriting process usually begins with a guitar riff or melody. After we figure out the rhythm and music, we start to write the lyrics. This process is easy for us to follow because it keeps our ideas organized.

Q. What can fans expect from a live Almost Anywhere performance?

We highly encourage everyone to come to any of our upcoming shows! You will not be disappointed! We play a variety of hard rock and metal songs (including our very own originals) that will be sure to have you headbanging in no time! \m/

Q. What is your favorite venue to play in the IE?

M15 Concert Bar & Grill in Corona is, by far, our favorite venue to play. The sound system is always mint, and the awesome lights and stage effects are always a plus!

Q. What does the future hold for Almost Anywhere?

In the future, we will continue putting out new music for all of our fans to hear and enjoy. We also hope to broadcast our music as far as we can by playing more live shows within each month.


We can’t wait to hear more from Almost Anywhere, as we know these ladies are going to continue packing punches and taking names with their heavy and beautiful music. To catch a live Almost Anywhere performance, be sure to follow this band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Stay updated on upcoming shows and appearances from Almost Anywhere—they guarantee you won’t be disappointed!