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By: Jamie Durante

When we first saw BedroomTalk performing live in Redlands a while back, we knew it was essential that we expose the modern edge they have over other bands in their same musical category. You’ll find the soulful flair to their self-proclaimed rock music to be something you can groove to, whether you’re looking to drink and dance at a local venue, or if you’re crusing along a dark highway just reflecting on life.


We were lucky enough to catch BedroomTalk’s recent show at one of their favorite venues to play, Back to the Grind in Riverside. Also being the city they hail from, many venues throughout Riverside are frequented by BedroomTalk and their loyal fans. Songs off their first album released in July guarantee the band’s aspirations to play all over California . . . and possibly the world. Tune your radio in to this interview, and get ready to rock out on BedroomTalk’s melodic journey.

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Q. Who are your band members, and what do they play?

BedroomTalk: Bobby is on bass, Jason on drums, Manny on guitar and Kevin on guitar and vocals.

Q. When did you guys meet, and how exactly did you all end up in the IE?

Manny: Kevin, Bobby and Jason played in a band together four years ago, and the band I was playing with played with theirs. Stuff happened, our bands fell apart, and eventually I hit up Jason. We started jamming, and a new band formed. Then we hit up Kevin , and it didn’t really work out but somehow the stars align and moon, saturn—space

Kevin: We formed the band through planetary alignment.

Bobby: Or on blood moons.

Q. You guys make music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Manny: Influences? I feel like the music that we play reflects the music we grew up listening to. My dad used to play classical rock.

Q. Any specific bands or artists who influence you?

Kevin: Yeah, music influences on me growing up were a lot of motown and soul and oldies and stuff like that. That’s kind of where my vocal style comes from, I really like classic rock and even recent stuff. I work at a record store so I hear new albums on the regular, and if I get a hold of one I just sink my teeth into [it], and I’m sure it comes out when I’m writing a new song.

Bobby: Kind of the same as Manny, I owe my dad for my musical taste you know Beatles, Zepplin, stuff like that. I think I remember when I made my first choice. I remember distinctively, this is a band that I like, and nobody influenced me to like it, and this was in 1987, and it was Guns N’ Roses. Doesn’t really influence me now, but was a cool turning point in my life. And to Kevin’s point too, new bands that come out, their albums shape how I write. Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity is one of the most genius albums ever made, super good.

Jason: All the same classic rock stuff really, a lot of emo from the ‘90s and The Jealous Sound, The Juliana Theory, some punk in the ‘90s and some in the ‘80s. A lot of classic rock, Zeppelin, The Who—huge huge fan.

Q, What are you guys most excited for being in this band?

Manny: Playing shows, and writing songs.

Kevin: It’s what it’s all about.

Manny: I think now too since we have this mixture of people it’s really exciting. Bobby’s style is totally different from mine, Kevin’s and Jason’s.

Q. As individuals and as a band, what struggles are you having?

Jason: Sharing underwear . . .

Bobby: That’s hard.

Manny: The struggles of an every day person. We’re in a band, but we also have our own lives, like I go to school and work . . .

Kevin: The struggle is writing great music and playing shows outside of Riverside. That’s the real struggle right there. Honestly we all do our own thing, we all work. Two of us have multiple kids. Me and Jason both have kids. Manny is going to school and working. Bobby is married and working. But we all find a way to make it work. So like twice a week we practice, weekends are shows. Most of the time we’re playing shows every weekend. We play Riverside a lot, we’ve played outside of Riverside a few times but we really just want to try and spread the word, spread the gospel.

Q. Where can we find more information about BedroomTalk?

BedroomTalk: and

Don’t miss your chance to see BedroomTalk perform in the flesh at one of these upcoming local shows:

BedroomTalk at Clash City Studios in Riverside on Fri, Dec. 5th.

BedroomTalk with Castle Pines at Rockefellas in Corona on Fri, Dec. 19th.

BedroomTalk with Ghost in Pocket at Back to the Grind in Riverside on Sat, Dec. 20th.

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