Amplif[ie]d | Run With The Mammoth

By: Marissa Scheerer


By some, music can be considered a language of its own; with the capacity to transcend boundaries of our daily, sometimes limited, language. And the talented musicians from Run With The Mammoth showcase just that—their songs, like stories, twist and turn to tell us much more than we might expect giving the band a first glance. There’s something unique to be experienced by this IE band’s adventure: the energy of electric guitar collides with a film score sense and punk rock vibes, and we know we are in for something special . . .

Q. Who is in your band, and what are their roles?

Jacob is our lead vocalist. Upton is our rhythm acoustic guitarist/vocalist. Mason is our lead electric guitarist/backup vocalist. Nina is our drummer/backup vocalist. Nick is our electric bassist.
Q. How did you guys meet?

The band started with simple acoustic jams between Upton and Nick. We had Jacob come and try to sing over some of the songs we had, and we were surprised at how it changed the dynamic of our sound so critically. Jacob, Mason and Nick were in a punk band about four years earlier, so there was already chemistry among the three. We pulled in Mason on lead guitar, and not long after, our friend Nina (of Hillary Chillton) asked to drum for us. The rest has been a mammoth of an adventure.

Q. Where did your band name come from?

The name came from the song "Mammoth." Before there were lyrics for the song, it sounded like a mammoth's slow and heavy footsteps, which then sped up into a stampede.
Q. Who are some of your/your band members’ main influences?

We all agree that Minutemen and Big Boys are big influences on our sound. They have great soul and power behind each song, which is apparent in how their lyrics interact with their music. Our other influences include Sabertooth Zombie, Johnny Cash, Gang of Four and Larry and His Flask.
Q. How would you describe your sound?

We tend to write descriptive musical narratives to accompany the stories in our lyrics. It's like a film score but with electric guitar.
Q. What are some of your most memorable performances? Why?

Jacob's old house in Ontario was home to "The Mammoth Den." It was a one car garage, and we would fill it with friends and fans until we couldn't fit anymore. We held our EP release show there, and when we announced that our EPs were free, people were literally running to the tables across the yard to get their own copy. It was a great feeling, and it was amazing to know that people cared about our music so much.  
Q. What is your favorite part about performing?

Seeing our fans, who come from all walks of life, come together at our shows is simply amazing. It's great to know that we can connect people and watch their faces react to what we have made for them. We like to end our set with "My Best Friend," which consists of a single acoustic guitar, a floor tom, and the participation of everyone present. With this song, the crowd and the band mesh together to form one big group of people who all sing together. It's somewhat of a musical group hug in honor of our friends.
Q. If someone had never heard your music, and they were going to hear a first song- what song would you want to show them, and why?

If we had to pick only one song to show a new listener, it would either be "Mammoth" or "October Smile.” "Mammoth" starts off big, and we like big. It also shows that we're capable of straying outside of what we expect to hear when were faced with much of the local music. "October Smile" is more dynamic and has a great variety of sounds. It was actually written as a loosely based cover of Katy Perry's "Roar."
Q. What do you think makes your group most unique or memorable?

We feel people wouldn't know what to expect by looking at us. Our sound musically, and the vocals over our melodies are unexpected. Upton's acoustic guitar over heavy instrumental sections feel refreshing and unique.
Q. What can we expect to see in the near future?

You can expect us to continue to play our music and to make the ground shake!

Q. With such an awesome community you have created—any shout outs?

We'd like to say cheers to The Palisades for all the help with the EP and getting us started. Cheers to our badlands brothers and sisters who always come out and support our music. Cheers to our friends and family at VLHS—one of the hottest local venues. Big cheers to Mikey from Characters Bar in Pomona, we love you buddy. The biggest and most deserved cheers to all our friends and fans in the IE and beyond!


Don’t miss the epic-ness of Run With The Mammoth’s upcoming IE show this Friday, April 17th at Characters in Downtown Pomona! This is a free show, and it’s for those ages 21 and over. They also play on May 30th at Space Gallery in Downtown Pomona if you’re up for a round two! Be sure to follow the band on Facebook to keep posted on their latest!