Amplif[ie]d | Faye And The Fella

By: Crystal Vega

Talented musicians are not in short supply here in the IE. Proof of this fact can be found in local acoustic duo, Faye And The Fella.


With a catalog of over 200 songs, Faye And The Fella can be found entertaining crowds from events like birthday parties and weddings, to backyard shows and local IE venues. Faye And The Fella features two talented musicians, singer Apryle Dalmacio and guitarist Adrian “Woody” Garcia, both homegrown right here in the Inland Empire.

The powerful vocal stylings of Apryle Dalmacio convey emotions that range from sadness to joy, and the acoustic style of the Faye And The Fella really allows for this talented singer’s voice to shine. The equally talented lead guitarist, Woody Garcia, uses his acoustic guitar to add depth and range to familiar songs, which revitalizes and reinvents the overall sound. This talented pair performs songs from all the back to the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s, while also mixing in the modern hits of today.


The truly special part of this twosome is their ability to perform these familiar tunes while also adding a refreshing twist that makes the songs we are accustomed to strikingly unique. Although you should expect performances that rely heavily on acoustic guitars, Faye And The Fella add toe-tapping beats to their music by utilizing loop stations and percussion accessories. These effects and the unique musical styling of Faye And The Fella creates interesting arrangements of familiar rock, pop, soul, country, and hip-hop tunes, which makes for a truly unique musical experience.

We caught up with Apryle and Woody to find out more about the dynamic duo that is Faye And The Fella.


Q. Please introduce your duo, Faye And The Fella.

Apryle Dalmacio is an award-winning artist whose original music can be heard in retail chains, restaurants and hotels around the world. On days that she’s not performing, she spends her time coordinating a music school, recording voice over material, and sipping on iced lattes while pondering about life’s great mysteries. Adrian “Woody” Garcia is mostly known as the front man and lead guitarist for the cover band Woody & The Harrelsons, a band who has gained recognition from performing over 500 shows anywhere from Las Vegas to the shores of California. In addition to being a musician, his talents include repairing virus-laden computers, playing the occasional game of hacky sack, and trying to convince his dog to play dead.

Q. Are you both local IE natives?

Yes! Apryle is from Riverside, California and Woody is from Chino Hills, California. We love the IE!

Q. How did the two of you meet?

Woody was playing at a venue called 909 Pub and Grill in Rancho Cucamonga with his rock band, Woody & The Harrelsons. Apryle just so happen to be hanging out with her girlfriends who had invited her to see a band she was told was really good. They were awesome! After the show, Apryle approached Woody with her business card and said, "If you ever need a female singer for your band, let me know". Soon after, Woody YouTube stalked her and he contacted her to jam. Not only do they play together as Faye And The Fella, Apryle now sings and plays guitar for Woody & The Harrelsons when she is not performing at her solo gigs.

Q. When and how did you both first find your passion for music?

Apryle: All my life. Sang in choir from elementary school through college and picked up the guitar when I was 13 years old. When I started expressing my feelings by writing songs in middle school and then sharing them to my friends, I realized I made them happy with music I created.

Woody: When my family would go camping and sing along to classic rock songs around the fire.

Q. What influences your particular style of music?

All our influences growing up [were] because of our parents, and music we listened to on MTV and the radio as kids in the ‘90s. You'll hear songs by Sublime, Radiohead, Alanis Morrisette and The Cranberries in our sets. We grew up with music from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s mainly because our parents were listening to those styles. So you'll hear us make our own renditions of The Eagles' Hotel California, Fleetwood Mac's Landslide, Frank Sinatra's “Fly Me To The Moon” and Patsy Cline's Crazy at our live shows. 

Q. Are you both self-taught musicians?

Yes. Apryle taught herself through a book and applying what she learned in choir to her guitar playing, and Woody read lessons in Guitar World Magazines.

Q. Do you have any funny stories about any of your performances?

We find it funny when someone requests a song that we've never played ever in our lives, learn it during our break, or one of us plays it while the other follows along, and it turns out to be pretty decent. It's more of a surprise to us than it being funny . . . But we always giggle after.

Q. Do you have any traditions or superstitions you partake in before a show?

We do vocal warm-ups before every gig in our car with The Zen of Screaming by Melissa Cross (the queen of scream). Oh . . . And order food. We love food.

Q. How would you explain the atmosphere at your live shows?

We play all types of shows from weddings to backyard parties to the local bar down the street, so it always depends on the vibe of the location, but no matter where we are, the atmosphere seems to be positive.

Q. What are your favorite local venues to perform?

Clubhouse 66 in Glendora and Charlie's Stars & Stripes in Upland.

Q. Any upcoming shows you want to share with us?

We will be playing at Bosscat Kitchen in Newport once every month beginning September 12th. They have great food and drinks if you want a mini social vacation!



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