Amplif[ie]d | Album Review: Miss Chief Releases Debut EP

By: Natalie Bates


As soon as the music begins, you know you are listening to something quite different than what you are used to hearing. The first track of Miss Chief's self-titled debut EP (Future Force Records, released November 6, 2015) opens to the upbeat sounds of an electric guitar strumming. It is soon joined by the dream-like, psychedelic voice of Miss Chief herself. It's not long before the music has you swaying and groovin' to the beat as the jazzy, retro-inspired songs transport you back to a place in time when pop music included real instruments and artists wrote their own songs, instead of the overly-produced, auto-tuned world we live in today. 

The band's "garage pop noir" sound is an eclectic mix of 1960s surf and art/progressive rock mixed with Latin and jazz influences. The Latin influence becomes apparent in the second and third tracks on the EP, “Crossfaded” and “Barzil” (respectively), as they have the feel of being in a Brazilian lounge listening to songs with a bossa nova flair. And while the music may have a distinctly vintage feel, inspiring dance moves like “The Swim” and “The Watusi,” it is still undeniably modern, with lyrics and instrumentation that are thoroughly current.

Are you living in a 1960s movie with music that is ahead of its time? Or listening to an up-and-coming artist in modern times who has a penchant for retro musical stylings? It is tough to say, as both feel believable.

Either way, the catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics will have you singing along for days to come. You’ll definitely want to get a hold of the entire EP, but here is a taste of what you can expect:

Miss Chief’s single, "Paranoid Bird

Miss Chief’s unique sound sets her and her band of miss and misters apart from the crowd and brings a distinct sound to the Inland Empire’s local music scene. This is one artist you will definitely want to keep an eye on.

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