Art Institute Street Glyphics

Street Glyphics to Showcase Hip Hop Culture and Local Street Art

The inaugural Street Glyphics, a celebration of the hip hop culture and street art, will showcase the work of young street artists at a first-time event scheduled for Saturday, July 16, at The Art Institute of California-Inland Empire.


ieshineon_san_Bernardino_Art_ Institute_ Street_ Glyphics

Photo courtesy of Untapped Hiphop Magazine

Featuring artists, live music and an assortment of vendors. The event is open to the public and free to attend. It will run from 4-8 p.m., with art competition scheduled for 4-7:30 p.m.

Street Glyphics was born from a grant from the city of San Bernardino and the San Bernardino Fine Arts Commission to Untapped Hiphop so that it could demonstrate the positive impact of arts in the Inland Empire. The result is an event where artists can express their creativity in a positive environment.

Untapped Hiphop Magazine was formed from an advanced layout class at The Art Institute of California-Inland Empire in 2013. That’s where classmates David Williams and Justin Valdivia shared their vision and co created Untapped Hiphop Magazine. Later, Furman Newby joined Williams and Valdivia.

It was during their time at Art Institute that the group approached instructor John Luer about how to advance their idea of hosting an event to spotlight the work of local artists. Luer challenged them to approach the city of San Bernardino, which eventually helped Untapped Hiphop to fund the inaugural Street Glyphics event.

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