Arts: The Threshold Gallery

By Erns Valdez

It's an exciting time for the Inland Empire’s thriving arts and culture scene. Over the past few years, major galleries have moved, paint nights have become trendy, art walks have been revitalized and new galleries and arts centers have opened. The arts are becoming increasingly relevant to our communities and our artists are finding more venues to show, perform and share their talents. The newest addition to the IE's arts scene is The Threshold Art Gallery in Downtown Redlands, and it's everything an arts gallery should be and more.


Emerging galleries in recent years have learned that the best way to keep the business operating is by opening doors to many forms of art. What this has done is turned small galleries into arts and culture centers, music venues and places where the community can gather, socialize and enrich their lives. The Threshold is a prime example of what a contemporary gallery is and serves as a good business model for others trying to follow in its footsteps.



The Threshold Art Gallery is owned and operated by Aeron and Michelle Brown. Previously Infusionsartwoks, the Browns moved into a space that was already established as an art gallery. They will take the next year to slowly bring in elements that will give the place a new look and feel that is their own. Aeron mentions that their goal is to "build culture, community, friendships and have lots of events that validate artists of all kinds. We’ll be doing poetry events, story teller nights, music nights where musicians can share their creative process." They will also be curating artwork at the J Riley Distillery, which will provide more opportunities for artists in the future. 

Aeron Brown has been in the Redlands art scene for many years as an artist and the previous organizer of the Art in the Alley event in Downtown Redlands. After Brown was no longer organizing the event, he was able to focus on his own art, but missed being a more active member of the arts community. Aeron shared, "When I stepped out from running that whole thing, it's like I missed it so much, you know? It's so hard not to be around the community as much."

As luck would have it his opportunity to again be a vital member of arts community would come in the form of a small gallery with huge potential. He is joined by his wife Michelle, who resigned from her full-time job to help with the business end of running the gallery. This by far is one of the most overlooked aspects of operating a gallery and will give the Browns a higher chance of success. 

The gallery is currently open to the public and has a great variety of work by local artists, including pieces by Brown himself. The gallery's official opening will be on Saturday, Sept. 10, from 6-9 p.m. For artists who are interested in showing their work at The Threshold, the Browns ask that you simply email three images of your current work along with a short artist statement or description of yourself and your artwork. They accept artwork by established artists as well as those who may have never shown in a gallery. For artists who are new to showing artwork, the Threshold Art Gallery is dedicating itself to helping artists learn how to properly display their work and become productive members of the arts community. Areon himself is a self-taught artist who fully understands what is needed to be a successful artist.  

The gallery is also Aeron Brown's full time art studio

Currenty there are 15 artists on display with more waiting to show in the coming months. 

Walking in you are greeted by the impressive artwork of Aeron Brown. 

The Threshold Art Gallery is located at 18 E Vine St, Redlands, CA 92373 

Business hours: Wed-Sun 9 a.m.-5 p.m.