Connected Beauty & Health [dedicated]

By Corri Vara, Owner of International Day Spa

Last month we were invited to visit Dr. Howard Murad and his staff for a Connected Beauty Summit. We love all things Murad, especially when it involves learning, cooking and painting. Our experience was inspiring and we were anxious to remind our guests why we believe, even more so now, that your skincare is your health care.


At International Day Spa and Murad, we believe that healthy, beautiful skin is a reflection of how you live your life. Every aspect of your life directly affects cellular hydration (the health of every cell in your body). There is a powerful connection between the mind, body and skin. This whole-person approach to beauty and well-being inspires you to take care of your skin, not only with effective products and spa treatments, but also with proper nutrition, physical activity and stress management.

Let's break it down:

Nourish Your Skin by using efficacious skincare to help strengthen and protect skin, the first line of defense for every cell in your body.

Eat Your Water by consuming a balanced diet centered on nutritious, water-rich fruits and vegetables to help cells lock in hydration.

Awaken Your Body by participating in physical activities that bring you joy to build muscles that hold optimal hydration.

Be Kind to Your Mind by managing the stress of modern living and cultivating emotional self-awareness and resilience to help your cells stay hydrated and resistant to damage.



All of the Connected Beauty Summit attendees were able to participate in events that reflected the above routine. Aside from being able to cook a delicious lunch along side Dr. Murad, our favorite part was painting with him. He approaches art with a lighthearted spirit and without a paint brush. We were all encouraged to stop trying to be perfect and instead throw and slosh paint all over our blank canvases. We were painting while also awakening our bodies by moving all around to find different paints, and using different techniques to get the paint to land on our canvas. It was a day to remember and we look forward to sharing our Connected Beauty approach with you during your next visit to International Day Spa.



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