Why Kids Need to Keep Learning During Summer [dedicated]

Carden Arbor View

Carden Arbor View School Offers ‘Roaring Summer’ Sessions for Local Students

By Sid Robinson

School children can experience learning loss during their summer vacation when they don’t exercise their brains with routine reading and math activities. By the end of the summer, those students could lose the equivalent of two months of those vital educational skills, according to the National Summer Learning Association, an independent center for summer learning that originated at Johns Hopkins University.

Furthermore, those learning losses could be cumulative, resulting in achievement gaps that are difficult to narrow during the regular school year, says a study by RAND Education, a unit of the RAND Corporation, and sponsored by the Wallace Foundation.

While not all children experience these learning losses, there are a number of programs designed for students of all learning levels to keep their minds and bodies active during the summer months. In fact, NSLA and RAND, as well as numerous other studies, have found that summer learning programs have positive impacts on student achievement.

Carden Arbor View School in Upland offers students the opportunity to engage in its “Roaring Summer” program of enriching courses to ensure they have the opportunity to make the most of their summer months.

Designed for motivated and creative learners, the Carden Arbor View School summer program is made up of several two-week academic and enrichment sessions of three periods each. Families may elect to have their students attend a single grade-level-specific course or a full day of activities, including extended childcare from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“We’re open to the whole community, which is important because public schools no longer have full academic programs during the summer,” says Terri DiMarco, Carden Arbor View director of advancement. “Our summer program is a combination of academic and enrichment courses, such as cooking and language courses. And as we do during the regular school year, we still offer very small class sizes.”

Instructional courses are offered Monday through Thursday in each session. On Fridays, Carden Arbor View presents Cougar Tracks, where students and teachers have the opportunity to spend extended time off campus or to remain on campus for a full day of summer activities as outlined in the individual session events. Cougar Tracks is a separate summer program that requires separate enrollment.

“Having students join us from outside our regular school year enrollment enhances the overall diversity and learning experience for all students,” says DiMarco. “We truly have a multi-cultural environment, and it’s not uncommon for students from the community to want this to become their full-time school.”

Two summer sessions remain in 2016. They are scheduled for July 18-29 and Aug. 1-12. More information about summer registration and course details can be found here or by calling (909) 982-9919.

Carden Arbor View School is located at 1530 North San Antonio Ave. in Upland.


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