Better Skin for Back to School

By Corri Vara, Owner of International Day Spa

No one wants blemishes or breakouts, especially on the first day back at school. Whether you are a student preparing for another year of classes or a teacher heading back to work, this time of year serves as a great reminder that we all struggle with flaws in our skin. There are many ways you can improve your overall health to further improve the clarity of your skin.

Exercise and Acne

Before you exercise, cleanse your skin with warm water and a gentle soap. Clean skin will allow your pores to release toxins through sweat. Makeup, dirt and oil can produce bacteria when mixed with sweat, so clean skin is best. If you are outside for gym class or for your daily workout, remember to apply sunscreen with SPF 20 or higher. Dab sweat with a clean towel instead of wiping your face. A wiping motion over and over can irritate your skin. Lastly, shower is most beneficial immediately after your gym session. Be sure to hydrate your face with an oil-free moisturizer following your shower.

Eat Your Water

When Dr. Howard Murad spoke at International Day Spa’s 25th anniversary event last year, he stressed the importance of choosing to “eat” your water rather than abiding by the eight glasses of water a day notion. By choosing to eat colorful fruits and vegetables, you are giving your skin the opportunity to absorb skin-perfecting nutrients that cannot be found in water alone. Plus, you are eliminating a few trips to the bathroom. A cucumber is a great example of eating your water.



Because cucumbers are 96 percent water, eating a three-ounce cucumber is almost the same as drinking three ounces of water, but better. Drinking water is, of course, an essential compenent of a healthy lifestyle and hydrated skin, but by choosing to eat multiple servings of raw fruits or vegetables each day, you will be able to stay hydrated significantly longer.

Simple Tips and Tricks

Back to school can be a breeze for your complexion by following these steps everyday.

  • Clean your phone to reduce the amount of bacteria that touches your face;
  • Sleep with a clean pillowcase every night so you are not sleeping on any residue or oil from the previous night;
  • Stress and breakouts go hand-in-hand. Lower the chances of your skin flaring up by taking time for yourself and relaxing; and
  • Carry a spot treatment and oil-free SPF with you at all times. Applying these products with clean hands are essential to keeping bacteria from spreading on your face.

Professional and At-Home Treatments

Taking care of your skin at home coupled with professional treatments will help keep you skin clean and refreshed throughout the year. Clay masks, or masks containing salicylic acid will reduce oil and bacteria and can be done one to two times per week in the comfort of your own home.

International Day Spa in Redlands offers a variety of corrective skin care treatments. Our most popular acne treatments include:

Murad Acne Enzyme Spa Facial

Deep cleansing, steam, masque, light tweezing, extractions of blemishes and blackheads, heated mitts for hands and feet, plus face, hand, foot, neck and shoulder massage. Acne Enzyme treatment “digests” the top layer of dead skin to help “unplug” congested pores. 60 minutes, $99

Murad Acne Clinic

No-frills, no pampering: deep cleansing and extractions only. 30 minutes, $49

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