Carden Arbor View Celebrates 35th Anniversary All Year Long [dedicated]

By Sid Robinson

Birthday parties are always special, but they typically last for just a day – although there are plenty of people who celebrate their own birthday week and even birthday month.

Carden Arbor View School in Upland is taking it a step further and celebrating its 35th anniversary throughout the 2016-2017 school year.

“We aren’t planning a single special event, but all of our annual events will tie into our 35th anniversary, so we’ll be celebrating throughout the year,” said Cathy Edwards, head of the school. “We’ll do a number of things that tie to our history, and we’ll also show where we are now and where we are headed in the future.”

A special 35th anniversary logo will be featured prominently on publications and online, and a large number 35 outlines photos of CAV students and families.

Established in 1981, Carden Arbor View is an independent, private, non-sectarian school that serves students in kindergarten through eighth grades. It’s one of more than 80 schools that have adopted Mae Carden’s teaching materials and methodologies from the mid 20th century. The curriculum is designed to address the development of the whole child, combining high academic standards with high expectations in personal and character development.


Following a campus assembly to kick off the school year, the first family event is a gala scheduled for Friday, Sept. 16, bringing together families of currently enrolled students with those whose children are new this year at Carden Arbor View.

Edwards said Carden Arbor View will encourage gifts of $1,981 to the annual giving program in recognition of the year the school opened. An auction and dinner in the spring will also tie to the anniversary.

“We want to ensure we are here for families for the next 35 years and beyond,” Edwards said. “We have a responsibility to appreciate the institution’s past and preserve its future.”

Edwards has been associated with Carden Arbor View almost from the start, beginning as a volunteer in 1982 and eventually moving onto positions as a teacher and administrator before taking over as the top executive. She says that longevity is common among the staff, and that many of the parents of children currently at the school are themselves Carden Arbor View graduates.

“I raised my family at this school, and I’ve seen so many other families grow here and then move on and come back. They always seem to be connected,” she said. “I count that as a true blessing.”

The CAV core curriculum consists of reading, writing, spelling, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, poetry, French and handwriting. The school also provides instruction in music, art, computer science, physical education and motor development. High school level Spanish instruction is offered as an elective in eighth grade. Depending upon the grade level and subject, students spend between 25-75 percent of their instructional time in small groups.

“Our niche in this community is being a non-sectarian school,” Edwards said. “A lot of others are religious-based, but we take on a different complexion. People are making a conscious decision that they want to be here. We offer non-denominational worship, but we believe families have the responsibility for advancing their own various beliefs. That approach blends very nicely here.”


Learn more about Carden Arbor View School at or schedule a school tour (909) 982-9919