Amplif[ie]d | Chase Walker Band

By: Hannah McCauley


A quick listen to a Chase Walker Band track and it would be hard to tell the oldest band member is just 18 years old. With afully-booked summer tour and a newly released album climbing the iTunes charts, the Chase Walker Band is taking the blues scene by storm.

Over the past few years, the group of California teens has been perfecting their high-energy blues sound and has been compared to some of the greatest names in music history. With such young, raw talent, there is a great deal of opportunity for them to grow as individuals and musicians.


Q. Who are the members of the Chase Walker Band and what are their roles?

Chase Walker: Chase Walker (vocals/guitar/songwriter,17 years old), Randon Davitt {vocals/bass/songwriter, 18 years old) and Matt Fyke (drums, 17 years old).

Q. Where are you all from?

Walker: Chase is from Riverside, Randon is from Huntington Beach, and Matt is from Anaheim Hills.

Q. How and when did the Chase Walker Band officially form?

Walker: Chase began performing as the Chase Walker Band (CWB) in March 2012, but the band was not complete until he connected with teens Matt Fyke and Randon Davitt to form the current powerhouse trio in October 2012. Chase met Matt while attending a summer music camp in 2011 called Blues Kids by Chicago blues man Fernando Jones. In 2012, Chase attended Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA) for a year, and there he became acquainted with Randon and asked him to join the band later that year.


Q. What inspires you to make music?

Walker: Life events, love, heartache, [and] seeing what's going on in the world around us is what we write about. Everyone has their hobbies, ours is writing music and giving a voice to what not only ourselves are feeling but hopefully connect with others around the world that are feeling the same thing.

Q. You recently released the album Not Quite Legal. What was that experience like?

Walker: Not Quite Legal was our second album released. Being the second album, we knew what to expect going in so there weren't many surprises. Our biggest challenge was being so busy with touring and high school it was hard to find time to get into the studio to complete the album. We had all the songs written but kept running into scheduling conflicts that stopped completion of the album. Probably the biggest scheduling issue was when Chase was on The Voice. Chase was at Universal Studios for a month taping The Voice; that completely stopped production of the album until he was complete.

Q. What is your favorite song on the album and why?

Walker: Picking a favorite is very difficult, they are all our babies. If I had to pick I would say “New State of Mind.” We were really happy with how the final production came out, and the message in the song is a very strong look at what's been going on in many cities in America.


Q. You guys have a few shows in the Inland Empire this summer. Do you play the IE often, and if so, which is your favorite venue?

Walker: We probably play three or four shows each year in the IE. Not as many as we would like but we stay so busy doing shows in other towns we can't complain. We have played The Riverside Fox Theater twice, once opening for Kenny Loggins and one other time at a local music festival. I would have to say The Riverside Fox Theater is our favorite.

Q. How would you describe a live Chase Walker Band show for someone who has never been before?

Walker: Chase Walker Band is kind of melting of blues/rock/folk/funk/reggae/country jam band. We never play the same set we played at the previous show, so you could see us every night and each night is a different show. We believe a band should sound better live than on the album, so we strive to put on a great high-energy live performance. We always take time to meet with everyone in the audience after the show and encouraged anyone who comes to our shows to come up and meet with us. We believe that a Chase Walker Band event should be more of a party where we are all enjoying each other, not just we are entertainment for the audience to see but not interact with.

Q. What's next for the Chase Walker Band?

Walker: We are already fully booked for Summer 2016 and we will be playing events from San Diego to Portland. Chase and Randon are seniors in high school and heading off to college in August 2016, and Matt has one more year of high school. Chase will be going to Belmont University in Nashville to study songwriting and music business. Randon will be heading off to USC in Los Angeles to study Commercial Music. They will go their separate ways once school starts but the plan is to book festivals and fairs for the Summer 2017. As soon as school lets out they will join back up to hit the road again. While in Nashville Chase will be working on what will be on the next Chase Walker Band Album #3.


Stay connected with the Chase Walker Band on Facebook and their website. And don't miss them at Hangar 24 on July 10th!