Chile Relleno Cooking Class at Claremont Chefs Academy

Written By: Sara De Leeuw

Photographed By: Jamie Durante & Sara De Leeuw

Meeting new people and getting to experience new recipes is kinda my thing. I love having adventures both in and out of my kitchen. It’s especially fun if the adventure is in someone else's kitchen, and I don’t have to do the dishes!


If this sounds like your kind of adventure too, let me introduce you to Claremont Chefs Academy! Located in the Packing House in Downtown Claremont, Claremont Chefs Academy is a culinary school offering cooking classes, team events, birthday parties, field trips and workshops for kids and adults of all ages!


I was very excited to adventure out to Claremont Chefs Academy's Adult Cooking Class “Relleno es Bueno!” last week. We made Chile Relleno, Calabacitas (a delicious vegetable side dish) and Mangos Diablo for dessert!

Upon arrival, my fellow students and I were greeted by our instructors for the evening, Chef Maria and Chef Yoli. Both ladies are experienced cooks and often work with many of the children's classes. Not only that, they both contributed family recipes to our dinner menu!


The chefs walked us through how to cut and prepare onions, garlic and cheese for the Chile Relleno and the Calabacitas. Prior to the class, they had prepared the poblano chiles, so they were roasted and blackened, ready for us to peel and stuff with a hearty beef and cheese mixture.

The classes at Claremont Chefs Academy are all hands-on so we were busy creating and learning, all at the same time! A great tip from our instructors was to freeze the chile relleno prior to battering them. This way they hold together better when you are ready to fry them. This was great for me, since my poor chile pepper fell apart and had to be held together by several toothpicks!

When it came time to make the batter for the Chile Relleno, Chef Maria had another great trick to show us. We learned how to separate eggs using an empty water bottle. Yep, that’s right! First, crack an egg into a shallow bowl. Turn an empty water bottle upside down and gently squeeze the sides with your fingers. Place the mouth of the water bottle carefully on the egg yolk, then release your fingers as you pull the bottle up and away from the bowl.


Presto! The yolk gets pulled into the water bottle, and the whites are left behind in the bowl! We all got to try this and it was so much fun! Make sure you have another empty bowl ready to hold your egg  yolks too! Check out the video above to see how it’s done!

After we created the batter and our chile rellenos were hanging out in the freezer, we got to work on the Calabacitas! This is a zucchini and squash dish with corn, onions and fire-roasted tomatoes! Of course, there was plenty of cheese to go over the top, which made everything creamy and delicious!


The last step was to dip our frozen chiles into the batter and then fry them.


Once the dishes were assembled and cooked, my classmates and I sat down to a lovely dinner together. At the end of every class, not only do you get to take home the recipes from Claremont Chefs Academy, you get to eat everything you made!


For dessert, the co-owner for Claremont Chefs Academy, Leslie, helped us make Mangoes Diablo! This is basically a Bananas Foster, but with Mangoes and Tequila instead of bananas and rum.


Leslie and Chef Maria demonstrated how to flambé the Mangoes. The students did not do that. Flambé is too dangerous in a classroom setting, but it was really neat to watch!


We ate it warm, spooned over vanilla bean ice cream. It was a perfect way to end a delightful evening!

So if you’re looking for your own kitchen adventure, consider an evening at Claremont Chefs Academy. Or if you have a pint-size chef who wants to learn more about cooking, this is the place to go! They have something for everyone, and you’ll have a lot of fun!

Until next time, adventurers!


Claremont Chefs Academy, 514 W. First St., Claremont, CA 91711. For more information call (909) 625-7505 or visit

Full Disclosure: Sara attended the class complimentary from Claremont Chefs Academy, however any opinions expressed are 100% our own.