Community | 12 Days of Giving - Day Nine

By: Ashley Solis


Many political, social and spiritual groups would encourage being altruistic and giving back to your community year-round. However, something is in the air during the holiday season that really brings out the spirit of giving in all of us. For 12 days throughout December, we want to inspire you to give back to those who are in need in our local neighborhoods. Our "12 Days of Giving" feature will share the impact and needs of twelve different Inland Empire charities.  Our hope is that each feature will inform you and encourage you to donate, volunteer or give back in some way. Please consider giving the gift of kindness to a stranger this season, because it may be the only one they receive. 


Day Nine — The Carolyn E. Wylie Center for Children, Youth & Families in Riverside


The Carolyn E. Wylie Center serves the Inland Empire and provides educational programs and therapeutic services to over 450 children, youth and their families each year. The goal of the Wylie Center is to meet the needs, purpose and wishes of those with special learning, emotional and developmental needs. These needs are met while focusing on improving the quality of life and improving the relationships within the families. The main areas of focus are a sensory motor clinic, mental health programs, an early intervention home program, an outreach program, Autism intervention, parenting classes and physical, occupational and speech therapy programs. 

Melody Amaral, CFO at the Carolyn E. Wylie Center writes, “Whether you need support in dealing with a disruptive child, a child with learning challenges, or a family member with a chronic illness, I know you will benefit from getting acquainted with the services available at The Wylie Center. Do not hesitate. We are here to help so please give us a call.” If you would like to help The Wylie Center to keep providing their vital services, you can do so by volunteering, making a direct donation online or by donating holiday food baskets.

Remember that sharing is caring, and if you can’t personally give back, share it with someone who can! #ieshineon #12daysofgiving


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