Community | 12 Days of Giving - Day Five

 By: Megan Gonzalez


Many political, social and spiritual groups encourage altruism and giving back to your community year-round. However, something is in the air during the holiday season that really brings out the spirit of giving in all of us. For 12 days throughout December, we want to inspire you to give back to those who are in need in our local neighborhoods. Our "12 Days of Giving" feature will share the impact and needs of 12 different Inland Empire charities. Our hope is that each feature will inform you and encourage you to donate, volunteer or give back in some way. Please consider giving the gift of kindness to a stranger this season, because it may be the only one they receive.


Day Five – Time For Change Foundation

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The charity for today’s 12 Days of Giving is all about second chances and helping those who really need a change in their life. Time For Change Foundation helps low-income individuals and families by empowering them through programs and housing. Their goal is to help these individuals to become self-sufficient and become thriving citizens. Time For Change was founded in 2002 and specializes in helping homeless women and children in particular. They have helped individuals recover from the effects of addiction, incarceration and abuse. Their special programs help people in these predicaments gain life skills to become independent through hard work, education and experience.

Some of the programs that are effective in helping people get back onto their feet include the following:

  • Mommy and Me Bonding Program
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Financial Education and Money Management
  • Transportation
  • Health and Nutrition Wellness
  • Housing

Housing is a big part of their program, because having a safe and stable environment allows individuals to grow and prosper. Time For Change offers three types of housing: emergency housing, permanent support and affordable housing. As part of the Emergency Housing is the Emergency Solutions Program that helps families who are at risk of becoming homeless, they assist with rent and utility bills as well as give families a case manager who can give them a self-sufficiency plan.

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The Family Reunification Program is one that stands out during the holidays. As it’s a time we gather with those we love but this sadly isn’t the reality for many families. The program works on reuniting mothers with their children after making sure it’s in the child’s best interest. Once they are reunited, a case manager helps the mother to meet the child’s needs. Programs like these are so helpful and matter so much to the families in need of them.

Check out this amazing video on Kim Carter, the founder of Time For Change. Ms. Carter was featured on CNN's Heroes. As the video states, Kim Carter has made such an imapact on so many people's lives. This video focuses on a program close to Carters heart the Postive Futures Project, which helps women take charge of their lives after prison. This program offers mentoring, counseling, mental health and substance abuse treatment.



Time For Change helps those in the Inland region making this a great local foundation to help this holiday season! Time for a Change can use your help in either donations or your time. To volunteer fill out their volunteer form and go here to send it or if you’d rather donate go here. For more information on Time For Change visit their website

Remember that sharing is caring, and if you can’t personally give back, share it with someone who can! #ieshineon #12daysofgiving