Community | Let It Be Foundation

By: Megan McClain

The Let It Be Foundation is honoring 10 unforgettable years of helping families with the daily needs of having a family member dealing with a severe illness.

The Foundation was started by Ruthe Rosen and her family after they lost 15-year-old Karla Asch-Rosen to a brain tumor.

“I have a lot of faith, and when your child goes to Heaven, you don’t know where to go next,” said Ruthe Rosen, CEO and co-founder of the organization. “When we were on her 13-month journey, it was the best thirteen of my life,” she said, mentioning how the community came together to help them in the pre-Facebook era.

Rosen said the reason her family was inspired to create the foundation was that, when a child was sick, the whole family was affected, and they wanted to help other families get the support they needed. The organization fundraises and works with community members to provide for families living with a sick child, from working with a local carpet cleaner to offer free carpet cleaning, to groceries, to offering a chance to go out and enjoy time with each other.

“Every family’s situation is different,” she said. “For instance, when a family is first diagnosed, they may be at the hospital two to three times a week, so they may need help with gasoline. Or, we may have a family that is going one or two times a month, so they may work with a restaurant to purchase dinner.”

The Let it Be Foundation also works with community members and families to provide hospital support, room enhancements and special opportunities for children and their families.

The need for fundraising showed early when Karla was taking her journey with her inoperable tumor.

The Rosens ordered bracelets inspired by the  Armstrong Foundation's  Live Strong' silicone bracelet fundraiser. She said her daughter had a strong faith and always said things like ‘let it be,’ and ‘let it go,”. Karla told her about her choice that, “You have to give it to God and let it be, Mom,” she said “Amen.”

The Let it Be Foundation hosts a variety of events not only to fundraise for their assistance and empowerment programs, but to also allow kids to get involved.



February 11th was their annual golf tournament, and February 20th is their children’s golf tournament, where children play with a first responder and a volunteer golf team member from a local high school.

"We use the golf tournament this weekend to raise money, but we use the gold tournament for inspiration and to get the youth involved,” said Rosen. “It’s really a fantastic day, its only nine holes of golf. It’s about kids coming together to support kids."



Ruthe Rosen said there’s also options for hand-on volunteering several times a month for anyone wanting to help, as well as a constant need for volunteers to help with services or support fundraising event. Coming up, the Let It Be Foundation has a chance to audition and perform for a talent show, which a small fundraiser for the organization but has some pretty big benefits for the kids involved.



“That’s a really fantastic thing because there is a lot of talented kids and groups. We empower kids through this fundraiser, to allow them to use their talents and desire to help raise money,” Rosen said. “For some of them, they aren’t in school so this is an outing for them.“

Auditions for the talent show are February 17th at the Chino Fairgrounds, and the performances are March 10th and 11th.

For more information, fudraiser opportunities, volunteer information or to apply for assistance visit