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By: Su Pak and Megan McClain

This is a sponsored article from Pacific Dermatology Institute, a medical institute specializing in various skin needs with locations in Riverside, Apple Valley, Corona, Redlands and a new office opening in Upland in February. We hope you enjoy the tips and information we share in the following article from Pacific Dermatology Institute.


If you’re like most people, you care about skin care. Did you know that in 2017, skin care sales are estimated to be $265 billion? That’s how much women and men around the world are concerned with taking care of their skin. Pacific Dermatology Institute and credible dermatologists agree that the best way to take care of your skin and avoid skin cancer is prevention. Here are some tips from PDI:

Recently, Pacific Dermatology Institute invited to their new office inside the Redlands Medical Institute for a complimentary skin cancer screening and an opportunity to chat with a doctor about any issues that may be concerning us. Here is what contributing writer, Megan, thought about her screening.

I’ve never had a skin check or dermatologist appointment before, so I had no idea what to expect at my appointment and felt concerned about several things that had changed as I matured. After filling out the health history forms (I always forget that part with a new doctor), I was led to an exam room, where you change into a paper gown and wait for your exam. Marcus Ortiz, P.A.-C. listened to my concerns first, including a family history of basal cell carcinoma.

Ortiz was gentle and considerate during the entire exam. Since I’ve had two kids, I’m not as modest as I used to be, but felt really comfortable during my exam. He did a full spot check, including marking and recording two moles on my back for my husband to keep an eye on, since they had irregular color and shape. However, nothing was of serious enough concern to have a biopsy done. Phew!

I expressed concern about the dark spots that have shown up under my eyes, where years of marching with the color guard in the summer heat and of sweated-off sunscreen took their toll. He said my dark spots could be easily taken care of, as well as my broken blood vessels, which aren’t a health problem but are obvious along my hairline and chest.

Since we’re on a tight budget, cosmetic work isn’t an option right now, but I was curious about what the fee would be with and without insurance for spot and mole removal. I was given the codes to research what my PPO would cover, and talked about the costs for mole removal, including what charges the lab would be since the moles would be sent to a lab for the biopsy and disposal. But the cost for several small spots to be removed, I felt, was affordable down the road.

Overall, I felt really comfortable with the office and the staff, and walked away feeling a lot more secure about my health. 

So what do you need to know about skin cancer? Pacific Dermatology Institute shares some information with us to help stay healthy in 2015. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. In its advanced stages, it can cause serious illness; if it spreads to the internal organs, it can even be life-threatening. Fortunately, melanoma rarely strikes without warning signs. Watch for them, because when melanoma is found early, it is almost always curable. Moles, brown spots and growths on the skin are usually—but not always—harmless. Anyone who has more than 100 moles is at greater risk for melanoma.

The first signs can appear in one or more of these moles. That’s why it’s so important to know your skin very well. Examine the skin all over your body once a month and have a physician check you over once a year. Remember, ANY change in a preexisting skin growth, such as an open sore that fails to heal, or the development of a new growth, should prompt an immediate visit to a physician. Pacific Dermatology Institute provides comprehensive skin care exams, including skin cancer screenings. They also provide a number of other dermatology services, such as treatment for rosacea, acne, eczema, nail fungus, psoriasis and more. They also provide cosmetic dermatology services like botox. You can find out more information about PDI services at their website


Follow Pacific Dermatology Institute or visit the website to learn more about free skin cancer screenings throughout the year. If you’re interested in other services, like a photofacial or botox then mention when you schedule and receive 20% off your service.

If you’re curious about checking out the services and staff, mark your calendars for the grand opening event for the Redlands office on February 20, 2015.


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