Sponsored by The Bountiful Basket

By Jaqueline Gutierrez

Hey Guys and Gals,

After last week’s silliness we decided to class it up a bit with a rustic natural leaf centerpiece/wall art. You can make it in 10 minutes and it’ll bring a nice touch to your Thanksgiving décor.

Autumn Leaf Wall Art



Long twigs


Hot glue



  1. Gather leaves and twigs from your neighborhood. Diving into a pile of leaves and/or making leaf angels are optional.

  2. Depending on the length of your twigs and your desired length for the centerpiece, cut your twigs to length, or tie them together with twine.

  3. Cut several lengths of twine and adhere single leaves to the ends of the strands.

  4. Tie them to twigs in varying lengths. Get creative!

  5. Hang on a wall or over the center of a table like a mobile.




Thanks to Bountiful Baskets for its sponsorship of our DI-WednesdaY series. Its creative gift baskets gave us the inspiration to kick start our craftiness. Thanks, Bountiful Baskets!