By Jaqueline Gutierrez

Greetings Ghoulies and Ghosties,

It’s week two of DI-WednesdaY! This week we’re showing you how to make the most adorable Mummy Mini Piñatas. They’re the creepy cute version of holiday crackers. We chose to fill ours with some fun themed candy, but they can be filled with anything as long as it fits in a toilet paper roll.

Thanks to Bountiful Baskets for its sponsorship of our DI-Wednesday series. Their creative gift baskets gave us the inspiration to kick start our craftiness. Thanks, Bountiful Baskets!


Mummy Mini Piñatas


- Empty toilet paper roll

- Toilet paper

- Regular and double-sided tape

- Small toys/ candy/ poor unfortunate souls

- Googley eyes

- Gift tag


  1. Take small section of toilet paper (about one square) and tape it to securely cover one opening of the toilet paper roll.
  2. Resting the roll, covered side down on a flat surface, fill the roll with whatever candy and spooks you desire.
  3. Next, adhere a small strip of double-sided tape to the end of the toilet paper roll you covered. Choose a spot that is not covered by toilet paper and press on a pair of googley eyes.
  4. On the open end of the toilet paper lay the loop of the gift tag. Cover with another square of toilet paper and secure with tape.
  5. Wrap the whole thing in a long strand of toilet paper to resemble mummy bandages; leave a space open for the eyes to peak out.
  6. When ready to open, just tug on the gift tag and the insides should spill out.

This is a great craft for kids and adults alike. They would be especially fun to pass around to your co-workers at the office.

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