DI-WednesdaY | Origami Ice Cream Cone

origami ice cream cone

Sponsored by The Bountiful Basket

By Jaqueline Gutierrez

Hey there “New You”,

I know, what you really need is a DIY Hangover Miracle Cure, unfortunately that’s not what this is. It’s just a totally silly diy for paper ice cream cones. It might be good for relieving stress, it’s mostly just something useless and cute. Who needs adult coloring books? It’s all about cute origami.


Paper Ice Cream Cones


2 sheets square paper 6”x6”

1 rounded edge

1 popscicle stick

1 Chopstick




Paper Tulip Instructions:

Instructions found here

  1. Use the rounded edge (we used a paper plate) to trace off three of the corners on a sheet of your paper and cut along the line. YOu should be left witha triandle witha round base.
  2. Bend the corners in to create a sone shape and secure with tape.
  3. For the actual ice cream, create a water bomb base with another sheet of paper.
  4. Use a chopsticks or pen to curl the corners inwards towards the same direction. Curl the center fold in the same direction tightly. Continue curling the entire thing as tight as possible.
  5. Let it unfurl slightly. Tuck a popscicle stick to the center and place in the cone.
  6. Go eat a real ice cream cone.

Thanks to The Bountiful Basket for its sponsorship of our DI-WednesdaY series. Its creative gift baskets gave us the inspiration to kick start our craftiness. Thanks, Bountiful Baskets!