DI-WednesdaY | Snowflake Window Clings

Sponsored by The Bountiful Basket

By Jaqueline Gutierrez




Hey Sugarplums,

This week we made snowflakes out of hot glue. In terms of instant satisfaction with a craft, this is it. We free-handed the snowflakes, but if you’re making a bunch of them, or you want them to be uniform, then using a template would be helpful. Just remember to use parchment paper and NOT WAX PAPER. Just trust us.

The snowflake will never come off the wax paper. Otherwise, if you’re free-handing, a silicone mat will work as well -- or a metal first aid kit you keep tucked away, because you forgot to buy a roll of parchment paper.



Snowflake Window Clings


Glue gun

Glue sticks

Glitter in various colors

Non-stick surface

Bonus: ribbon



  1. Lay out your non-stick surface and secure to table-top;
  2. Using your warmed glue gun, pipe out your snowflake design;
  3. Quickly sprinkle glue on top;
  4. Allow to cool then peel off surface;
  5. Secure to window with a dab of hot glue.


Tie on a ribbon to make an ornament.

Thanks to The Bountiful Basket for its sponsorship of our DI-WednesdaY series. Its creative gift baskets gave us the inspiration to kick start our craftiness. Thanks, Bountiful Baskets!