DIY Calming Glitter Jars


By: Alazzia Gaoay, Staff Member

Work, school, kids, bills and life in general can cause us to stress out and have anxiety. Unfortunately, stress is inevitable and hard to shake, but there are many way to help reduce stress and anxiety. 



Work can be super stressful. Not even stress balls help reduce my anxiety. That is, until I stumbled upon a video on INSIDER on the latest craze over the calming glitter jar. I couldn't quite understand why it was so popular until I made one for myself. Once finished, using it became my routine on breaks at work. I would grab my glitter jar and just stare at the glitter moving around in the jar. It probably sounds silly, but trust me, I wouldn't be sharing this DIY creation with you if it didn't work. It helped shut my mind from uncessary thoughts that caused me to have anxiety. 

I put together this easy step-by-step tutorial for you to try at home. This doesn't require a lot of material and it's fun to do with friends and family. I hope this helps you as much as it did for me. Enjoy!



Materials You Need:

1. Clear glass jar or bottle

2. Clear Glue

3. Hot Water

4. Glitter (the more the better)

5. Plastic Liner (optional)



The whole IEShineOn team made their own calming glitter jars and relaized how fun it was making them together.