DIY/Craft | Gold Glam Tote [sponsor]


By: Su Pak, Publisher

Sponsored by Deseret Industries



Let me make this disclaimer right now. I'm not a crafty gal. I leave the crafting to my friend and contributing writer Rina of Mothership Scrapbook Gal.  So, that goes to show how "do-able" this craft really is. I've included my mistakes and all (and tips to hopefully avoid my mistakes). 

Recently, I made a trip to the new Deseret Industries location in Fontana. This is by far the cleanest, most organized, friendly second hand thrift store I've ever been to. Most often the biggest complaint against second hand thrift stores are that they have that dusty/musky smell and items are thrown about everywhere. Definitely, not the case here. For photos of my trip, check out the pics posted to our IEShineOn Facebook page.

On my trip, I picked up a plain canvas tote bag, from the well marked "Craft" section, for only 50 cents! I was inspired by a recent craft post I saw and was excited to get started.  Here's what you'll need to create your own gold glam tote bag - perfect to carry your summer essentials.




Supplies you'll need:

  • Cotton tote bag
  • Gold transfer foil (I got the Martha Stewart Crafts gilding sheets, but there are transfer foils that you can iron on, as well)
  • Foil transfer adhesive
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper plate


Step 1: Prepare your surface by making sure it's free from dirt and dust. Then empty about 2 Tbsp of adhesive onto a paper plate.

Step 2: Using a paint brush, apply a thin coat of gilding adhesive to the surface. I used short brush strokes - going all in the same direction. But make it your own, go any direction you please.

Allow adhesive to air dry until surface feels tacky. Adhesive will dry clear.




Step 3: Carefully lay a gilding sheet on the prepared surface.  If you're using the Martha Stewart Crafts Gilding Sheets, you will want to keep the wax backing sheet towards you. 

Press and smooth gilding sheet to the surface by rubbing gently. Emphasis on the gently rub. I rubbed so hard the wax paper rubbed onto the bag when I peeled.

Repeat and continue to add gilding sheets. Allow to dry 1-2 hours.

Note: There are multiple sheets in the Martha Stewart Crafts package, so I added multiple brush strokes and allowed to dry all at once.




Step 4: Once dry, carefully peel off the gilding sheet (using the wax paper to peel back).  Use a dry brush to brush off the excess gold foil that may have come off during peeling.




Step 5: Enjoy your new gold glam tote bag!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Deseret Industries. All thoughts are our own.