DIY/Craft | Inspiration Jar

By: Rina Gonzales, Mothership Scrapbook Gal

Mothership Scrapbook Gal is so excited to share a new DIY craft with you!

With the new year we start fresh; we have a clean slate and can make a new path for ourselves. I have a craft that is perfect to document happy times and accomplishments in 2015—it is an "Inspiration Jar!" Far too often we will get down on ourselves when things are not going our way. This jar is a way to focus on your monthly goodness and goals you have achieved. For this month, I already have so many good things to record for my jar:

January 2015: Hosting Crafty Happy Hour at the Annual Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show in Anaheim . . . the Global Trade Show!!!

January 2015: Began the month with a 4.25 mile hike with my sweetie in Palm Desert! Yay for fitness and health!!!


Here is the supplies list:
Glass jar (could be a recycled spaghetti jar!)
Duck tape
Note pad paper
Non-stick scissors and/or craft knife

Optional supplies:
Stickers (on the outside of the jar you can put fun and inspirational sentiments like "2015 is my year,” “I’m awesome" or "Good Stuff")
Scrapbook papers, in a theme/color that you like

DIY Inspirational Jar in 4 Easy Steps

1. Get your jar and be sure it's clean, and give it an extra wipe of glass cleaner so it sparkles—just like you will in 2015!

2. Select a fun Duck Tape to cover your lid with. There are so many exciting prints, and you can get the tape anywhere that sells craft or hardware supplies. I get my tapes at Michaels, Target and Wal-Mart. If you want to be ultra-crafty, you can work to line up your duct tape patterns so the lid looks seamless. However, that is not required! Use your scissors and/or craft knife to cut the tape to fit the lid.

3. Decorate the outside of the jar with stickers and if you like—you can line the inside of the jar with a decorative scrapbook paper.

4. Write down all the goodness that happens to you on a weekly/monthly basis! When you are feeling down—look at this jar, and realize that you are a success, and be proud of the good things and goals you have already accomplished in 2015.

Go get it this year & Happy DIY-ing to you!
Mothership Scrapbook Gal

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