Food & Drink | $10 & Under at Maddilicious Catering

Written By: Chef Alex Rivas

Photographed By: Alazzia Gaoay$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering3.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering6.jpg


Have you ever been to Worthington’s Tavern in Riverside? If so, you may be surprised to find out that this bar has a little something special up its sleeve during the week to compliment the drinks they serve—Maddilicious Catering serves up delicious lunch and dinner menus at Worthington's Mondays through Fridays.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering2.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering4.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering9.jpg

We have visited Worthington's in the past to enjoy the nightlife scene and great craft beer options, but now that we could find both great food and great craft in one spot, this location was even more exciting. Maddilicious Catering at Worthington's is most well-known for those dropping in for their lunch break or for lunch meetings with friends or even for work, and they will even take your order ahead and have it ready for you to go if you prefer.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering35.jpg


We were treated by the mother and daughter duo behind Maddilicious Catering—the talented Chef Maddie and her daughter Jessica. Together these women not only serve up delicious food, but they ensure you also have a great time with their smiling faces and hospitable service. Excited to taste some delicious foods with a low price tag of $10 and under, we dove right in to some flavor during our visit.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering11.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering12.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering13.jpg

First we tried the Fried Dough Antipasto Salad for $10. The pizza dough added a crunch to the mixed greens with artichokes, olives, pepperoni and tomatoes. This fresh and vibrant salad was dressed with a zesty Italian dressing, and it is recommended for patrons who want to start the day with something fresh. We're not always salad people, but we couldn’t stop going back to it especially with the fried dough.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering15.jpg

Next up was our first sandwich of the day—The Boston Dawgs, priced at $8 during lunch and dinner hours. The two juicy Hebrew National hot dogs were served on imported New England buns that were toasted with a crunch like they were grilled with butter. Like their other sandwiches, The Boston Dawgs were served with a choice of apple and raisin coleslaw, baked seasoned wedges, homemade pasta salad or tomato and cucumber salad.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering14.jpg


We tried the sweet apple coleslaw, which was delicious with golden raisins and raspberries. This was a well-balanced side with the sweet pepper relish and mustard of the sandwich.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering18.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering17.jpg

Lucky for us, we weren’t just in for trying one sandwich on this day. Next up was the Fried Meatloaf Sandwich, which is surprisingly only $8. All we can say is that Maddie’s meatloaf is like nothing else. The meatloaf on the sandwich is soft and cooked perfectly. The extra fry on the meatloaf gave it nice charred bites. We enjoyed this with the Potato Wedges, which were nicely seasoned and baked with cheddar cheese.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering25.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering23.jpg


The third and final sandwich of our lunch was The Red Sox Club, which is priced at only $8. The chicken breast, ham and avocado stood up next to the freshness of tomato along with the mild zest and creaminess from the pesto mayo on ciabatta bread. We enjoyed it with the homemade pasta salad which was light and flavorful.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering21.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering20.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering22.jpg

We also enjoyed the Chicken & Waffles Bites, which can be found on the Happy Hour / Dinner Menu for only $7. Great crispy waffles with maple bacon with crispy chicken tenders served as a great snack bar food to go with a nice stout to get that coffee and breakfast grown up feel.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering26.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering28.jpg

Now for any big spenders who may be reading this, there was two more items we tried that didn’t quite fit under the “10 & Under” category, however it would be criminal if we didn’t mention them. The Fig Jam & Goat Cheese Burger can be found on the lunch and dinner menus, and it has a price tag of $13.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering27.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering31.jpg

This burger has a great story behind it, which we recommend you go in and find out about it as you enjoy the burger. It had a nice mix of savory and sweet, with the ground beef and pork belly that has a moscato and dry coffee rub. It was then stuffed with goat cheese and fig jam. From there it was topped with crispy prosciutto, grilled tomato, caramelized onions and fig jam mayo mustard. It was beyond delicious!$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering32.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering33.jpg

Last but not least was the The Godfather, a fluffy but crisp pizza dough topped almost like a lasagna with tomato sauce, meatball, peperoni, sausage, black olives, green peppers, ricotta cheese and mozzarella. This is served during Happy Hour / Dinner for $14. We were able to enjoy a few slices during my time with Maddilicious Catering, which meant we sure lucked out by enjoying it again later that day at home. The ricotta gave the gourmet pizza a great flavor burst that we still crave today. Wow—what a great way to end the day, as it was perfect for anyone looking for something filling and exploding with flavor.$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering34.jpg$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering36.jpg


If you really want to end your meal with a bang, we recommend trying out one of their dessert items. While you won't find these items on their menu online, Maddilicious Catering was serving up scrumptious desserts during our visit. The Cannolis and Tiramisu were absolutely delicious!$10-and-under-maddilicious-catering19.jpg

Drop in to Worthington's to taste a bite of Maddilicious Catering for yourself. With flavorful menu items and affordable prices, you can easily make this your newest go-to lunch destination, whether you have time to sit and relax or are on the go!

Maddilicious Catering at Worthington's Tavern, Mondays through Fridays. Lunch served from 11a.m.-4:30p.m. and Happy Hour / Dinner served from 4:30-7p.m. Worthington's Tavern is located 3587 University Ave., Riverside, CA 92501. For more information call at (714) 357-8955 or visit this website.