Flo's Airport Cafe

By: Jamie Durante



Located just steps away from Planes of Fame Air Museum and Yanks Air Museum, Flo’s Airport Cafe in Chino is a great pit stop to fill up little bellies before a daylong adventure celebrating National Aviation Day on August 19, 2015!

What’s one of the best thing about this pit stop? Flo’s Airport Cafe is a family-owned restaurant that has been serving up homemade recipes and long-time favorite meals for local dairy farmers and aviators. It is not only a comfortable diner with that small-town feel; the prices are very affordable, with a diverse menu offering hearty dishes for well under $10.

There are four main courses served at Flo’s Airport Cafe in Chino—classic American breakfast, lunch, dinner and pie. Although it was a busy weekend at Flo’s Airport Cafe, we were quickly sat at a large, round table in the center of the small diner. After ordering two coffees and water all around, we were relieved to receive a full pot of coffee, because we tend to drink a lot of coffee and fast.




Starting off with breakfast, we ordered the California Omelette for $8.45. This omelette is packed with fresh flavors of bacon, bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and guacamole. Is it horrible to admit that I went without the bacon? Each juicy bite was still a pop of flavor and absolutely recommended, with or without the pig.

The best part of this combo is you can opt for Flo’s Famous Biscuits & Gravy instead of hash browns. On the busy afternoon we visited Flo’s Airport Cafe, every other person was eating Biscuits & Gravy—those patrons at Flo’s  really know how to clean a plate! Flo’s Famous Biscuits & Gravy can also be ordered a la carte for only $3.50.



If breakfast isn’t your craving, Flo’s is also serving something delicious for lunch or dinner. We have to recommend the Deluxe Combo, ringing in at only $8.45. Order this combination, and you’ll get a classic cheeseburger paired with French fries and a salad. You can make your burger a half-pounder for an extra dollar, and turkey patties are available for the health conscious.




Another American classic was the Grilled Cheese & Fries, which was only $6. It was everything you’d expect from the classic cheesy, buttery combo. Also, Flo’s has a kid’s menu, where the portions are mindful in what a growing kid needs to stay happy. For the little ones, we found the kid’s breakfast combo with pancakes does the trick for full bellies.

This café is also famous for their pies, which are extremely affordable at just $3.50 a slice. You have to try Flo’s Signature Millionaire Pie, as well as one of their many Crème Pies, Fruit Pies or Homemade Cobblers. Homemade cakes and cheesecake is also recommended for anyone with a sweet tooth.



Stop by Flo’s, where the pie is always sweet, the staff is always friendly, and just right prices keep a smile on your face.


Flo’s Airport Cafe is located at 7000 Merrill Avenue in Chino, California. For more information, call (909) 597-3416 or visit their website.