Food & Drink | What’s Good at the 2015 Los Angeles County Fair

By: Jamie Durante


The 2015 LA County Fair is in town at the Pomona Fairplex from September 4-27. This means that it is time for epic food and drinks that only come around this time of year. Here is a preview of some of the signature tastes you won’t want to miss when you visit the fair.


Chicken Charlie's


Chicken Charlie himself serves up some of the most notorious fair food we’ve become accustomed to from deep fried oreos to the Krispy Kreme Triple Decker Burger. This year, Chicken Charlie's is bringing some new twists in the form of deep-fried menu items.


The Slim-Fast Bar is a new treat to enjoy if you’re looking to stay on the “healthy” side of things. However, our top favorites were the Bacon Chicken & Waffles and the Fried Guacamole.


Tasti Chips & Tasti Burgers


Staying with the theme of signature fair foods, anything from Tasti is going to satisfy your craving for something hearty and savory.


We were impressed by the crispiness and flavor behind the gluten-free Jalapeno Cheese Tasti Chips, while the New Cuban Fusion Burger was the spark of much conversation.




One of the top recommendations for Chuckwagon is the Deep-Fried Pork Roll. However, if you’re going to drop by, you might as well grab some Deep-Fried Corn or Deep-Fried Battered Corn as the perfect compliment.


Pink’s Hot Dogs


For anyone into a little spice, the Jalapeno Dog is worth a try. This monster dog is loaded with toppings! Pink's is also serving up some Gluten-Free Wraps, giving a delicious option for those who go without the gluten.


Beer & Wine

After all that fair food, you’re going to be thirsty. Our friends at BierBuzz have been working with the fair to bring you over 52 craft beers. Hundreds of wines are also being poured at the fair, and there are even options for attendees to participate in a wine tasting. With so much beer and wine, The Los Angeles County Fair is a great spot to get your drink on . . . responsibly of course!




Designated drivers can have fun too. Micheladas inspired these fresh and delicious drinks, however Michelaguas contain no beer, and they’re actually healthy! The flavors we enjoyed were Cucumber Lemonade and Mango.


The LA County Fair has an endless amount of great food and drinks, in addition to tons of games, entertainment, shopping and more. The fair only comes to town once a year, so come by to get your natural high!