Food & Drink | omnummy [Dedicated]

By: Sara De Leeuw

Too busy to bake cookies for an upcoming event? Want an amazing birthday cake for your next party, but don’t have time to make it yourself? There’s an app for that! Welcome to omnummy!


omnummy is a terrific new app that connects home chefs, bakers and food enthusiasts to buyers through a love of homemade food! The name even comes from Cookie Monster (who is the biggest baking enthusiast I know!) and the sounds he makes when he eats his beloved cookies! Omm - Numm- Numm!

When omnummy creator Linh Ho moved to Seattle with her family, she struggled to find high quality, local bakers to help with her entertaining needs. Inspired by her own wedding cake and baby shower cakes, which were made by home-bakers, Linh rolled up her sleeves while out on maternity leave and got to work to solve her own baking dilemma!  Soon, omnummy was born.

With a passion to support and help small local business entrepreneurs, omnummy makes it easy for buyers, busy parents, event planners and others to connect with people who create high quality, homemade, gourmet and artisans baked goods for all occasions.  In a “Yelp meets Etsy” type service, this hyper-local, review-driven, searchable app allows you to easily find bakers and food vendors in your own neighborhood who have goods to sell.  You can search for anything from tiered wedding cakes to cupcakes, private chef services, caterers and more with omnummy!

Discover. Connect. Enjoy! omnummy gives busy people an opportunity to have beautiful, moist, delicious, home-made, high quality custom foods for any event at almost any price. Browse through vendors in your area with the map feature. Discover who is cooking and baking your favorite foods right in your own neighborhood! Message vendors to ask questions, and connect before you purchase. Not only is omnummy easy to use, it’s free!

Now, the search for local, delicious quality custom-made food is easy!  Whether you’re a home-baker looking to expand your business by advertising and selling on omnummy, or you’re a busy, working parent who still wants homemade treats for special occasions, omnummy is the place to find it all! 

Look for omnummy on iTunes, and get started shopping today.


Full Disclosure: This article was sponsored by omnummy, however all opinions expressed are 100% our own.