Food & Drink | Wing Over

By: Sid Robinson

Hangar 24 in Redlands released its newest Barrel-Aged American Barleywine, called Wing Over, on March 26th.


Hangar 24 fans familiar with the brewery’s Barrel Roll Series know its past Barleywine as Hammerhead. Rebranded in keeping with the brewery’s aeronautic theme, Wing Over refers to a flying maneuver. The new brew was produced with the original Hammerhead recipe and is just as big, exhibiting an 11.2 percent ABV.

Oozing in delicious caramel and plenty of toffee and vanilla flavors, Wing Over features two English caramel malts and four American hops. Dry hopped and aged for six months in charred oak rye whiskey and bourbon barrels, the beer is extremely complex, palatable and ideal for sipping. It is truly an outstanding Barleywine that stands up to the Hammerhead tradition.

Adding to Hangar’s remarkable Barrel Roll collection is a second variation of Wing Over---another double-digit ABV Barleywine called Esperanza. Also aged in bourbon barrels for six months, Esperanza offered the added bonus of deep coffee flavors that did not prevent the brew’s rich caramel flavor from coming through. That’s because Esperanza’s aging was done using Esperanza coffee beans from Guatemala. While bigger and bolder than Wing Over, Esperanza was certainly not heavy. Nevertheless, it’s also made for savoring slowly.

The brewery broke out some past versions of Hammerhead to sample at the release event, along with the new offerings. All are delightfully tasty and are just part of the reason that Hangar 24’s Barrel Roll release events are always worth attending. Even with price tags of $20 for Wing Over and $25 for Esperanza (both in 750 ml bottles), these are worth it. The limited-production Esperanza won’t last long, so grab one if you can.


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