GLO Mini Golf: Experience Virtual Reality [Dedicated]

New Virtual Reality Station Puts You in the Action at GLO Mini Golf

By Sid Robinson

Peace and tranquility surround you. The only thing you hear is the sound of your own breathing as you effortlessly swim among the ruins of sunken ship lost in the ocean depths. Gliding carefree among deep-sea marine life, you’re suddenly face-to-face with the largest species on earth, an 80-foot-long blue whale.



This heart-stopping encounter wasn’t deep below the ocean surface, but instead just below the main level at the Galleria at Tyler in Riverside, where GLO Mini Golf has opened an exciting new world of fun and activities to accompany its already thrilling collection of glow-in the-dark miniature golf, state-of-the-art and retro arcade games and interactive XBox gaming stations.

The latest addition at GLO Mini Golf is new HTC Vive virtual reality technology that puts players into the action of their choice of 10 different games. The VR scenarios vary from two separate zombie games to “theBlu: Encounter” to Google’s “Tilt Brush” and many more, says Michael Mathews, one of GLO Mini Golf’s four owners.



“The new virtual reality station is so advanced and unlike anything else you’ll find anywhere in the Inland Empire,” says Mathews, adding that the VR experience became operational in early July. He points to the diversity of games that are featured in the system, which can be played solo, head-to-head or in multiple-player groups.

“You don’t stand still with these games,” he says. “You walk around and the system tracks you.”

Mathews says the encounter with the blue whale has people “feeling like they are really under water.” Another game, “Tilt Brush,” gives users simulated paint, brushes and a three-dimensional palette on which they create their own art pieces.



“The VR experience is really great for parties, because there are many opportunities for several people to play at the same time,” Mathews says.

He says the game “Keep Talking So You Don’t Explode” is a team-building activity in which one player wears the virtual realty helmet and the others in the group have the instruction manual to disarm a bomb. Their job is to work as a team to keep the bomb from exploding.

“It’s a timed game, so players have to work quickly and in unison,” Mathews says. “You are only allowed a limited number of mistakes before it explodes, so it requires everyone working together.”



The virtual reality experience is $9 for 15 minutes of use, $15 for 25 minutes or $25 for 60 minutes. The longer sessions are better for groups so that several people have the opportunity to share the VR helmet, Mathews says.

GLO Mini Golf will soon open a new ice cream bar in August offering a wide variety of soft-serve ice cream and other frozen delights such as root beer floats.

The ice cream bar adds to GLO Mini Golf’s unique party environment, which includes 27 differently themed glow-in-the-dark miniature golf holes, a game arcade and a dedicated room for playing 20 different Xbox 360 games on 10 gaming consoles. There are two party rooms perfect for holding birthday parties or other events.



Party packages are available for all of GLO Mini Golf’s attractions and include use of the party room, pizza, favors and a round of mini golf.


GLO Mini Golf is located at the Galleria at Tyler, outside the mall and below the upstairs dining terrace outside the food court. Summer hours are Mondays through Thursdays 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sundays 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. A round of golf is $12, and XBox 360 gaming rental is $7 an hour. Check out GLO Mini Golf by visiting or calling (888) 896-8419 for more information.

Full Disclosure: This article was sponsored by GLO Mini Golf; however, all opinions are completely our own.