Hydrotherapy & Vichy Treatments at International Day Spa

By: Corri Vara, Owner of International Day Spa




Throughout the ages, people have realized the cleansing, healing and restorative properties of water.

When the Roman Empire ruled the world, Roman soldiers were stationed all over Europe. They came upon a source of natural hot mineral water in what is now Belgium.  The weary (and probably filthy) soldiers found that when they soaked and bathed in the hot water their muscle aches disappeared. Their skin felt smoother, and their overall health improved. The soldiers named the spa Health Through Water, or Salus Per Aquam, and the name was later shortened to SPA.

Vichy Treatments

Every culture has used natural hot springs for their curative powers. In Vichy, France, the water is medicinal. For centuries people have been plunged into the waters for healing. At the Vichy clinic, doctors contemplated how non-ambulatory patients could benefit from the waters. They devised a shower of five showerheads extended from the ceiling under which a patient on a gurney could be wheeled. Thus the Vichy Shower was created.




A few of our favorite Vichy Treatments at International Day Spa


Redlands Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom Body Polishing, Vichy shower, Orange Bath, Paraffin hand treatment and Orange Blossom one-hour Swedish/American Massage. Plus a Murad Vitamin C firming Facial with Vitamin C Hand Lightening treatment and Orange Blossom lotion hand, neck and shoulder massage.

3 hours - $295

Hawaiian Holiday

Mango-Papaya Body Buffing, Mud Body Masque, Pineapple Facial, Coconut Hair Conditioner, Hawaiian Paraffin Hand Treat-ment and full hour Mango Swedish/American Massage.

2 hours - $185




Hydrotherapy Tub Treatments

The seemingly weightlessness of floating in the tub and work of the specialized jets and oxygenating bubbles eases aches and pains. The pressure of the water stimulates blood flow to the heart and lowers blood pressure. The water is just above body temperature. The filtered water is purified with ozone, and the tub is drained and sanitized after each use.

Balneotherapy Tub

Includes soothing Essential Oils plus Purifying Salts from the Dead Sea in Israel

30 minutes - $35

NEW! Milk & Honey Bath

Relax while you soak in a sweet blend of Milk & Honey and essential oils that will soften, exfoliate and hydrate your skin.
Cleopatra's secret to beautiful skin!

30 minutes - $35



At International Day Spa, therapists are trained in traditional European techniques to assure that you receive a rejuvenating, relaxing, health giving session.

For your safety and peace of mind, the water used in hydro treatments is filtered, and the equipment is sanitized between each guest’s visit.

Here is a tip—Do not shave the day before or the day of a body treatment or products may sting.

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