Top 5 Reasons to Practice Martial Arts [Dedicated]

By: Megan McClain

The philosophy at Defense Arts Center in Upland, California is for students to grow and develop in all aspects – physically, emotionally, artistically, physically and mentally. This beautiful, new center offers karate-do, kendo, iaido, kobudo, judo, Japanese jiu jitsu, aikido, taiko and more for children, teens, adults, and seniors with classes that fit every schedule.

Want to know how you can benefit from practicing martial arts? Here are the top five reasons to practice martial arts: arts center logo.png


1. Self-Defense: Practicing martial arts gives you the ability to defend yourself or your loved ones from people who would do you harm.


2. Physical Fitness:  This activity forces you to use your whole body, which typically results in a high level of fitness. This is because of the often challenging nature of the workouts. In other words, you get out of martial arts what you put into it.


3. Self-Confidence:  Few activities in today's world require rites of passage. Rank advancement in martial arts allows students to develop self-confidence by meeting the challenge of each training session and setting reachable goals. The reward of advancement comes through rank testing, as well as seeing one’s own individual progress.


4. Self-Development: The goal of the martial arts is to become a better person, developing the mind, body and spirit. Students can “seek perfection of character” by taking a holistic approach.


5. Fun: This activity can be practiced by individuals working together, but unlike team sports, there is no such thing as "the best team." Everyone works at their own pace, and no one is rejected because they are not fast, strong or physically adept.


Defense Arts Center has been serving the Inland Empire for over 44 years teaching traditional martial arts for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. The variety of classes, taught by experienced professional instructors. With a new location in Upland, Defense Arts Center is a studio dedicated to the passing on the tradition, discipline and core values of martial arts to children, teens, adults and seniors. Sign up now and get three months free karate-do classes. Visit for more details.  


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Full Disclosure: This article was sponsored by Defense Arts Center, however any opinions expressed are 100% our own.