San Bernardino Generation Now

Written By: Megan McClain

Photographed By: Fabian Torres

San Bernardino made headlines when it declared bankruptcy, leaving an entire community full of emotions and unsure what the next step would be. That is true, except for the group of young San Bernardino natives who make up San Bernardino Generation Now.

Group photo of volunteers at one of the bi-monthly clean ups at Seccombe Lake Park in collaboration with SBVC's Puente Club

“We believe a culture shift is essential for the next generations to succeed in our city. Not only will a cultural shift create a healthier community but a better world,” said Miriam Nieto, treasurer for Generation Now. The social club (there is a bank account, yet none of the volunteers are paid) has a goal of educating and empowering San Bernardino to take an active role in rebuilding the city.

During a food flood Christian Flores orders at a local food spot the Green Shack Market Place

“SBGN has now evolved to become more; a counter culture to the apathy that has befallen our community. We highly value the Arts, Mentorship, Support of Local Business, keeping our environment clean, documentation of current history and civic engagement.” Nieto wrote in an email.

The group has a San Bernardino Generation Now club at San Bernardino Valley College, feeling that working with college youth will empower the movement and the students themselves as their involvement and volunteerism bridge the gap between school and their future pursuits. “The more young minds that invest in San Bernardino the better,” Nieto said.

Mixer at San Bernardino's Brew Rebellion

Currently, the group organizes at least two park clean ups a month, and members have mentored at the San Bernardino Youth Court. In April, they have a mixer, Smash Brothers gaming tournament, a few open mic nights and a painting party.


The group’s next Spirits and Arts night is April 22nd from 6-9p.m. at the Garcia Center for the Arts.

For further information, visit the group’s website, social media or sign up for their email newsletter. Interested residents can get involved by donating money, volunteering at an event or becoming a member.  

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