Community | How to Help San Bernardino Shooting Victims

The San Bernardino shooting left us all devastated and heartbroken, as this happened in our own backyard of the Inland Empire.

As the weeks have progressed, we continue to come together as a community and a nation. It is important to remain strong in this time of mourning and to focus on what we can do to make a positive difference to those who were affected by this horrible tragedy.

In this season of giving, we have put together a list of fundraisers and organizations that will benefit victims and families of the San Bernardino shooting.


The following links are fundraisers created to benefit the families of those lost in the San Bernardino shooting:

Harry Bowman

Robert Adams

Isaac Amanios

The Lil’ Mamas Support The Wetzel Family

Benneta Betbadal Memorial Fund

Sierra Clayborn

Juan Espinoza

Aurora Goday

Shannon Johnson

Damian Meins

Tin Nguyen

Nicholas Thalasinos

Yvette Velasco


Additional Ways to Contribute:

The Mayor of San Bernardino, Carey Davis, has created a GoFundMe Page to support the victims. 

Arrowhead United Way and San Bernardino County Boar of Supervisor have created the San Bernardino United Relief Fund. The donations will go to the victims of the shooting.

Muslims United for San Bernardino have raised money to help the families of the victims of the San Bernardino Shooting. As of the day of this article's publishing date, they have raised $215,515.

On December 19th, businesses in Downtown Redlands are participating in Bonded and Strong-A Community for Peace. They will be donating partial proceeds of their sales to the families and victims of the San Bernardino shooting. Parliament Chocolate, International Day Spa and Al La Minute locations are donating 100 percent of their proceeds. Bonded and Strong T-shirts designed by James McClung and produced by Chris Nunez will be sold at selected locations with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to this cause.

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If you aren’t able to give money, donating blood is a great option. LifeStream is based in San Bernardino, and they need blood more than ever. Find more information here

Stay #SBStrong, friends and neighbors!