Inland Empire News | Main Street Brewery is Returning Home

October 1, 2015

Main Street Brewery has been operating in the Inland Empire for 17 years, the majority of which have been in the city of Corona. After their original building was demolished to make room for an apartment complex, this classic brewery moved to Ritual Brewing in Redlands on a temporary basis.

Although owners Bob and Tammy Kluver have learned a lot during their time at Ritual Brewing, the couple is happy to announce that Main Street Brewery will be moving back to Corona, just yards away from their original location. The future Main Street Brewery and Lampost Pizza will be located at 493 Main Street in Corona in 2016.


Main Street Brewery is known for their classic flavors of award-winning brews from their intensely flavorful Hop Daddy and Hop Momma IPAs to the Holy Grail itself—Bishop’s Tipple Trippel. To learn more about the brewery, check out the interview with Main Street Brewery’s owner, Bob Kluver, at