International Frozen Yogurt day at Yogurtland, Feb.6, 2017

January 27, 2017

 By Armida Villalvazo




Attention all froyo lovers! Mark your calendars, set a reminder, and tell your family and friends because International Frozen Yogurt Day is just around the corner.

Celebrate International Frozen Yogurt Day with handcrafted flavors made from real ingredient at Yogurtland. On Monday, Feb. 6, 2017, Yogurtland will join the celebration offering free frozen yogurt and toppings in a limited time only cup from 4-7 p.m., local time, at all of its locations around the world. You read that right, free yogurt and toppings.

Can it get any better than free frozen yogurt and toppings? Froyo lovers will receive a limited edition Hershey’s® collectible spoon for joining Yogurtland in its tasty mission to celebrate peace, love and frozen yogurt. Yogurtland will feature a new Peanut Butter Cup frozen yogurt flavor made with Reese’s® and Hershey’s® ingredients, and the popular Chocolate Milkshake made with Hershey® flavor, also made with real, creamy California Milk. These two chocolaty flavors will continue to be served at Yogurtland locations throughout the month of February.

 Today, with 320 locations, Yogurtland leads the industry with the best-testing handcrafted flavors made form real ingredients. What makes Yogurtland unique is the company’s team of flavorologists who develop the proprietary recipes for the brand’s more than 100 different and customized flavors. Each flavor uses real ingredients sourced from their original locations.

All of Yogurtland’s flavors meet the National Yogurt Association Criteria for “live and active culture frozen yogurt” and are produced in a kosher-certified facility. Yogurtland features non- and low-fat yogurt flavors as well as non-dairy and no sugar added choices.


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International Frozen Yogurt Day is sponsored by Yogurtland and The Hershey Company.