Mes Amis Restaurant

Written By: Jamie Durante

Photographed By: Alazzia Gaoay


Eating the same thing time and time again can get really boring. Treat yourself by introducing your palate to new and vibrant flavors at Mes Amis Restaurant in Upland or Chino Hills. This Mediterranean meets Lebanese fusion restaurant serves up flavors that you will not find anywhere else.


When we first stepped foot into Mes Amis Restaurant in Upland, the rich, warm colors of the walls and décor set the tone for the bold flavors we would soon enjoy. The staff was very friendly, and the employees made us feel like we were being invited into their family.


We started with a couple Mezza a la Carte items off their dinner menu. First up was the Mamaganouj. For those who haven’t had Mamaganouj before, this was made with roasted beets, ancho chile, garlic, lemon and tahini. It was both tangy and savory. We were surprised it was not sweet with all the beets; instead, it was super savory. The fresh flavors were light, and the cucumbers added a little crunch. It was best served atop a piece of warm and fresh pita bread. The pomegranate added sweetness and balanced out the savory, and the black and regular sesame seeds added a little smokiness to the dish that we enjoyed.


We also got to try the Fried Cauliflower. This cauliflower was simple and fried, and then topped with tahini sauce and Sammy’s Magic Sauces. There was a mild spice that wasn’t overpowering. The whole dish was magical and creamy with a tang and spice of the tahini sauce and Sammy’s Magic Sauces. Now it was time to move onto some entrees.


The first entree we enjoyed was the Mes Amis Mixed Kabab with Lamb. The lamb was cooked to perfection, as it was tender and savory. It was then served with grilled tomato and vegetables, onion sumac parsley garnish, hummus, tabouli and rice. The chickpeas were marinated in beet sauce, which gave the creamy hummus a delicious tang. It was a nice addition to the olive oil flavor of the hummus. 

Next up for our tasting was the Mes Amis Mixed Kabab with Grilled Chicken. This grilled chicken had been marinated to where it soaked in all the flavor slowly over time. The rice in this dish was yellow from their use of saffron. It was creamy, and the subtle spices were almost reminiscent of a mild curry flavor. What really elevated this dish to magical proportions was the drizzle of Sammy’s Magic Sauces. This paired with the tahini sauce that is added to their dishes was truly the winning ticket. It could only be described as a magical flavor combination dancing in your mouth.

You better believe that we were begging to find out what this secret sauce consisted of, but if you want to enjoy this fantastic burst of flavor, you have to stop by Mes Amis Restaurant to get your fix.


To drink, we tried the White Coffee, which had cardamom and mint leaves. It had a subtle mint flavor and was very refreshing. Although it was called coffee, it was actually tea. To top it off, it was served in a press, which really allowed for it to soak in the mint flavor.


We finished our tasting with some delicious Rosewater Ice Cream with pistachio dust. It was served with Baklava—this dessert was crispy and melted in our mouths. The flakiness and crunchiness was a cool compliment to the smooth and creamy ice cream. The Rosewater Ice Cream was really fresh, with a floral flavor. The pistachio dust was very complimentary because it cut through the sweetness with salt.


From the bold and unique flavors to the friendly and inviting atmosphere, Mes Amis Restaurant impressed us from the second we walked through their doors. With many more menu items to try, we know we’ll be frequenting this location for dishes and tastes you won’t find anywhere else.


Mes Amis Restaurant Inland Empire locations in Upland and Chino Hills. For more information, visit this website.

Full Disclosure: Mes Amis Restaurant provided this dining experience complimentary, however all opinions expressed are 100% our own.