New Treats at the LA County Fair 2017

September 19, 2017

By: Jaqueline Gutierrez




Hello Everyone! IEShineOn recently had the opportunity to check out the new food the L.A. County Fair is offering this year. Everything from potato nachos to crickets. Yes, you read that correctly, crickets. 

Let's do this in chronological order, I'll lead you in the path of my delicious journey. What you see above are Brisket Waffle Fries. Crispy waffle fries are covered in smokey (as in HOLY SMOKES this is delicious) tender brisket, barbecue sauce, and a scoop of sour cream. My mouth is salivating right now just thinking about it. The waffle fries word so well with the brisket. They hold maximum barbecue sauce and are substantial enough to hold brisket oh them with minimal sogginess. 


At the opposite end of the spectrum, veganism or eating a plant based diet has definitely gained traction in recent years. It would only make sense to have a vegan option at the Fair. Plant Food for People makes their Vegan nachos (above) and vegan carnitas tacos. They are both prepared with their signature jackfruit meat substitute. The texture is so close to pork carnitas it's scary, convincing enough to fool even the most voracious of carnivors.


There really is no end to what you can do with a fried potatos. From the top clockwise:

Brisket Waffle Fries, Potato Nachos with Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Sauce, Bacon Cheese Corndog, Chili Cheese Fries, and loaded fries.

Not pictured, Chicken Charlies sells a brick ...more like a cube of fries. It's amazing, my best friend and I get it every year smothered in cheese.


There's going to be no shortage of Hot Cheetos covered food around you at all times. Pictured above is Hot Cheetos fried chicken on a stick, the chicken is breaded in Hot Cheetos and deep fried, skewered and topped with a soft dinner roll. That's not all, there will also be Hot Cheetos pizza, hot cheeto corn dogs, Hot Cheetos elotes, and much more.


The heat in the IE has been no joke this Summer/Fall and after all those Hot Cheetos you're going to need to cool off. Mermaid Smoothies are a sure fire way to do it (The Igloo is pretty great, too). The Mermaid Smoothie is a vanilla flavored smoothie with a fruit drizzel and popping boba. If you've never had popping boba, the texture is similar to salmon roe (or egg). Plump and juicy, popping boba burst in your mouth, they're sweet, of course.

The same stand is going to bring you the most Instragram worthy treat at the fair, too:


Unicorn Cotton Candy! There's not really much to say about this other than, wow. It's magical fairy floss and a quintessential fair treat. After the sun goes down, they're going to offer the same cotton candy, but transformed in a rave accessory. The handle is like a rainbow 3D glow-in-the-dark stick and it's going to look like you're eating magical glowing rainbow fairy unicorn clouds. 


Keeping in theme with the sweets, a new arrival to the fair is Afters Ice Cream! 

Definitely a local favorite of the Inland Empire it was very exciting to see the truck there. 


On the left is the classic After's milky bun filled with deep fried twinky ice cream. This conbination was like donut heaven. The milky bun, itself, is like Krispy Kreme's fancier cousin and a deep fried twinkie by definition has become a cream filled donut. With each bite of this donut you fall one layer deeper into the donut dream and at the end of it you'll get to high five Leo DiCaprio*.

On the left is winner. There is no way someone could not like this. A mango chamoy sorbet topped with tajin. Even though it's a sorbet, it was so creamy! I have heard that chamoy isn't everyone's favorite, it can be a robust flavor. Here it is only served to enhance the mango flavor iself to make it more vibrant and refreshing.


Last bug not least....


Entomophagy is the practice of eating insects that is done all over the world. Let me just say, the kabob looks intimidating. I get it, the legs, the wings, the antennae...those eyes that stare into the depths of your soul, it's a little off putting. Eating them is not nearly as scary an experience as you would think. They're light and airy like a corn puff snack, lightly salted, they're nature's high protein croutons. Even better, they offer chocolate coated options, there's no difference from a crunch bar. Give them a try!

If you're at the LA County Fair this year, don't forget to tag us in your fair pics! @ieshineon #iegoodtimes. We love seeing all your yummy goodies!