News | DragonMarsh Dressed Peep Contest

Peep lovers of all ages are encouraged to enter the best Dressed Peep Contest during the Seventh Annual DragonMarsh Peep Show. The sweet event is a yearly favorite and will be held March 28 & March 29th from 1-5pm

Marshmallow lovers must use at least one marshmallow Peep in each entry. Popular entries include historical figures, sports and music celebrities and peeps participating in hobbies. All entries must be rated PG- this is a family event. This is not a diorama contest but if a background is needed to complement your entry please keep it no larger than a shoebox.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: creativity, creative use of and/or manipulation of peeps & artful design. Prizes will be awarded in different age catagories so children are not competing against adult entries. There is no cost to enter.

Submissions must be delivered to DragonMarsh 3643 University Ave. or the Peep Show by 12pm on March 28th. The Entry Form should accompany your submission.  Entries must be picked up by 6pm March 31st or will be destroyed/eaten.

Entry forms available at DragonMarsh or online at

The Seventh production of the DragonMarsh Peep show will be going back to the roots of the DragonMarsh Peep show and be a “Mini” peep show inside the DragonMarsh store. Next year the outdoor event will return. The show includes games such as Peep races and the popular “Peep Museum” featuring Peep items and candy. Children of all ages are invited to sing along with the peeps, and take a picture as your favorite peep. Children are invited to enter the coloring contest. By popular demand the Peep abuse display will return including melted peeps, peep jousting, and peep autopsy. Quiz yourself on Peep fun facts and receive Peep recipes for use at home.

The free family event was started when the owner of DragonMarsh, Mora Blackmarsh, realized she had amassed a large Peep collection. Some of her collection was over 5 years old. While talking to customers she realized that everyone had a strong opinion about the peeps. They hated or loved them. Some liked them fresh, some stale. Some liked the pink ones best. Some hated them all and liked to torture the marshmallow treat. Through countless hours research (and many calories) the Peep Show was hatched. Now the collection has grown to the size of a small storage unit and has been taken to new heights of peepness by her daughter.

Rev. Misty Johnson thinks the Egg-stravaganza is the perfect time for the show "What a fun idea. I can see Peep sculptures being art this time of year...but I like them best melted in cocoa."