Nightlife | Flappers Comedy Club

By: Jamie Solis


They say that laughter is the best medicine, and while we don’t know exactly who “they” are . . . we think they’ve got it right! After experiencing our first ever stand-up comedy experience at Flappers Comedy Club in Claremont, we’re pretty sure going anywhere else could very well be a disappointment by comparison. From their menu to the vibrant personalities who took the stage, this place is recommended for anyone looking to liven up their night with guaranteed laughter.

Everything about Flappers Comedy Club makes it a unique little spot. It starts by having a prime location in the heart of the Claremont Packing House, a large of historic architectural intrigue that is still holding strong from its construction in1922. Newly renovated after the City of Claremont purchased the building in 2007, its age-old charm has been maintained, and each of the vendors are in line with its timeless flair.

Another one-of-a-kind quality that Flappers carries is its 1930s prohibition theme. Once you enter Flappers, you’re transported in to a dimly lit speakeasy, with classy servers dressed to the era doing their part, encouraging patrons to loosen up a bit. The dark, richly colored lounge set-up surrounds a small and bright stage area that holds nothing but a lone microphone stand. This was a reminder that not only we were about to enjoy amazing drinks and decadent treats off the menu, but we were also in store for a laugh out loud ridiculous kind of time.


First off to grace the stage was the show’s emcee, Taylor Tomlinson. This young female comedian instantly hooked the room’s attention from the moment she opened her mouth. Her witty sense of humor, relaxed attitude and forthright, unforgiving jokes warmed the room up, and she really got us ready for a fun evening. She set the stage for the other comics, calling people in the audience out by nicknames and splitting the room into those on first dates and the rest of us. Our group wasn’t the only in the room that was a little disappointed when Taylor announced it was time for the next comic. However, Howard Aronin was up, and he was not one to disappoint.


Howard’s style and timing was completely different from Taylor’s, but it made for an obscure and hilarious change of pace. Between his short and awkward poetry, silly jokes about his career as a straight male flight attendant, and his bit introducing his two children, Bre and not-Bre . . . the room received Howard pretty well. While most people really got his humor, there may have been a few that couldn’t keep up with his random style. Hands down, the funniest part of his set was in the beginning, he passed around his business card, explaining how it used to be a good thing that it consisted of a giant picture of him with Bill Cosby.

It finally came time for the headliner of the evening, Jamie Kaler from My Boys to perform. You could tell from the beginning that he was an all around nice guy, smiling during most of his set. Starting out the night by talking about his pregnant wife and young daughter, Jamie made himself at home on the stage. He had a casual way about delivering his jokes, while allowing us to feel like we were getting to know more about a friend we haven’t seen in a long time. He handled hecklers well, bringing them in, and then shooting them down at the last moment, which was pretty hilarious. On top of that, he was able to bring every joke back home—the last of which was a little bit of a surprise . . . who knew you could fall in love with someone that came on so strong? Once the comedy was over, Taylor came back up to pull winners for a raffle. Our table won four tickets to come back to one of their family-friendly comedy shows!


Saying that Flappers Comedy Club is one of our new favorite nightlife spots is an understatement. Look no further for a fun-loving, good time where you can feel like a regular even on your first visit, all while laughing your worries away.