Nightlife | Pacific Wine Merchants

By: Jamie Durante

Pacific Wine Merchants in Downtown Upland has been calling my name for quite a while now. Every morning, I walk my dogs by their beautiful adobe style building that used to be the old 1937 Santa Fe Train Station, which is now off the Metrolink station. I also used to pass the establishment on evenings when driving home from work. There always seemed to be a buzz on the large cigar patio, with friendly faces smoking cigars and enjoying drinks following a long day.

Pacific Wine Merchants is the kind of place that people like to go after work to unwind, as this is the hangout for everyone from mail carriers, still in uniform, to prestigious looking entrepreneurs, sipping on a beer while smoking a fine premium cigar. My time finally arrived, and I set a date to visit Pacific Wine Merchants in order to see what it’s really all about.


Whether you’re shopping, or like in our case, looking for an exciting new nightlife destination, Pacific Wine Merchants is a great find in the Inland Empire. They’re known for carrying a huge selection of fine wine, premium cigars, local craft beers with expert knowledge to top it off. My journey to Pacific Wine Merchants started with my sister, who had visited the establishment just one week before our outing. She raved about the cool vibes and friendly staff, and she agreed to serve as my hostess for the evening. We headed down to enjoy the wine tasting they offer on Friday nights from 6p.m. to 8p.m. in their lounge and on their cigar patio.


We entered the building’s left entrance off “A” Street, and we were greeted by hundreds of wine bottles available for purchase. Pacific Wine Merchants offers an immense selection of fine vinos from all over the world from Israel to Spain and everywhere around and in between. We also noticed an oversized humidor room that carried the largest selection of cigars that we've ever seen. The storefront was busy, and we were eager to journey towards the back of the building, as the wine tasting was calling our names.


Walking into the dimly-lit bar and lounge area, the comfortable ambiance set the mood for a grown-up, cozy atmosphere. The bustling bar had friendly bartenders coming and going, all smiling and quickly serving beer and wine to the happy weekend crowd. We approached the bar, and we were given the option for the evening’s wine tasting, which we instantly agreed on.

This particular night, the wine tasting consisted of four excellent pinot noirs. However, Pacific Wine Merchants has 24 different types of wine available for purchase by the ounce, so you’re more than welcome to dictate a wine tasting of your very own if you prefer that over what is offered. We received our glasses along with an informational sheet describing the wines we were sipping on for the evening. Additionally, there were light appetizers in the form of aged cheese and garlic bread, all of which helped to cleanse our palates between tastings.


After our first tasting of pinot noir, we approached the bar to graciously fill our glasses with our next pinot, and we decided to head out to the large outdoor patio to check out the live music that was happening. Luckily for us, we walked out to see The J-Birds performing, which is led by frontman James Donaldson. The band played covers like they were made for this group of three to execute, and the result was a patio filled with fans new and old who were singing along and swaying in their seats.

Aside from their Friday night wine tastings, Pacific Wine Merchants is popular for those looking for events on cheese or food and wine pairings, new wine pouring events, craft beer tap takeover nights and more. Check out their Facebook to stay updated on the latest events!

Pacific Wine Merchants is located at 210 East A Street in Upland, CA, 91786. Stay up-to-date with events by following their Facebook page or signing up for their newsletter!


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