Nightlife | Rok N Fondue

By: Crystal Vega


If you are looking for a night out that highlights good conversation, tasty libations and a delicious interactive food experience, look no further than Redlands’ very own Rok N Fondue.


The inviting atmosphere and the focus on a communal dining experience makes Rok N Fondue an ideal group or date night dinner spot, while the full bar with its delicious cocktails and large selection of beers and wine invite you to stay long after you have filled your belly. With Happy Days specials Sunday through Friday, as well as live entertainment on the weekends, this is a hip spot to really enjoy the best of Redlands’ nightlife scene.


Located in the charming downtown area of Redlands, Rok N Fondue has a look that honors the quaint history of the city it inhabits, while also exhibiting a very stylish and modern design. Its vaulted wood ceiling and natural red brick walls reveal vintage charm, while its granite tabletops and sleek wrap around bar add a modern twist to the overall decor. The upstairs dining area’s large wood framed windows offer a light and airy atmosphere, and the restored early 20th century advertisements pay respect to the historic significance of the building, which the owners worked diligently to restore. The beautiful and artful lighting is both appropriate for dining while also still offering the illumination one would expect from a night spot.


Rok N Fondue’s name clearly emphasizes the culinary adventure one comes there to experience. The traditional cheese fondues are a staple beginner course that offer a variety of delicious blends of herbs, spices and cheeses to choose from. If you're ready to dive right in, and dip into some savory cheese, the Zesty Cheddar will give you that sharp cheddar taste you want, with a spicy kick from jalapeno peppers, garlic, beer and salsa. If you want something a little more creamy to dip your fruits, veggies, bread and pretzels in, the Spinach Artichoke fondue comes highly recommended. There is also a great selection of starters made fresh in the kitchen, from a fresh Bruschetta to Andouille Sausage.


Whether you are the world’s biggest carnivore, a seafood fanatic, or a veggie lover, both the rok and fondue entrées offer a variety of tasty eats that can accommodate any palate. If you choose a rok entrée, you get to experience tasty morsels cooked to mouthwatering perfection tableside on an exceptionally hot volcanic rock. The Manhattan New York Filet is aged to perfection, and served along two sides—you won't go wrong with the garlic mashed potatoes and bacon marinated green beans, while the Shrimp and Scallops featuring jumbo sea scallops and large white shrimp are melt-in-your-mouth declicious. Fondue entrées include your choice of meats or veggies that are to be dipped in a luscious vegetable broth or a decadent beef broth infused with an option of adding a burgundy wine. No matter which entrée you choose, you can be assured that you are in control of the culinary experience.


The friendly and knowledgeable staff provide helpful tips, such as pouring some of the cheese from the fondue appetizer on your rok entrée protein or suggesting the best wine or beer to pair with each delectable dish. Due to the warmth and expertise the staff members provide, you really get a sense that they are having a great time, and it’s clear they want to ensure that you are having nothing but the best dining experience, as well. The top-notch level of care provided to each guest from the staff is a shining example of the commitment to hospitality that is so important to the Rok N Fondue experience.


This kind of interactive dining encourages conversation, and the laid-back nature of the meal is a nice change to the turn and burn dining experiences found at many other restaurants. The sinfully delectable dessert fondues are a fitting and delicious end to a truly unique dining experience. With a large menu chalk full of tasty eats, you can set a reservation knowing that your dining experience will be nothing short of enjoyable. But the fun does not stop when dinner is over.


Although the incredible food is a big incentive to bring you in the door, sometimes a night out drinking with friends is more of what you’re looking for. Rok N Fondue’s full bar and delicious specialty drinks deliver, even if you don’t eat a single bite of food (although you should at least try the Fresh Alaskan Crab Cakes or an Apple Walnut Salad). Their fun, weekly drink specials Sunday through Thursday, prove that a good time can be found on any night (or day) of the week.


The rather impressive selection of moonshine is especially noteworthy if you’re itching for a bold and flavorful drink, and a great time to give it a try are on Moonshine Mondays (half off each moonshine). Something unique you will find on the menu is a creative spread of Shine Cocktails. Out of the selection, we were most intrigued to try the Mai Tai Moon, Moonshine Mule and a Moonshine Mimosa. Even though the specialty drinks are to die for, Tini Tuesdays (half off martinis) is a great time to indulge in your favorite classic drink.


A great way to wind down with the perfect glass or two of flavorful wine is on Wine Down Wednesdays (half off bottles of wine under $60). However, if you’re more of a beer drinker, the large selection of classic and craft brews are sure to have even the pickiest of beer drinkers leaving with a smile on their face, and Thirsty Thursdays (happy hour all day in the bar only) is great nightlife territory for anyone, despite their drink of choice.


If you are more of a weekend warrior, Friday and Saturday nights offer live music performed by talented local artists, making it the ideal spot to show off your dancing skills while enjoying your favorite cocktail. If your Saturday night is particularly fun-filled, Sunday Fundays are the perfect time to rally up with offerings that include $3 mimosas and bloody mary’s or $13 bottomless mimosas. Despite which day of the week and special you decide to take advantage of, the staff will provide thoughtful suggestions and make sure your glass is always full.

Whether you’re looking for a the ideal spot for date night, the perfect place to host a celebration, or you are just meeting up for drinks with friends, Rok N Fondue’s delicious food, outstanding drinks and exceptional hospitality is sure to deliver exactly what your night (or day) needed! If you're still looking for more great, stylish nightlife locations in the IE, check out our recent trip to the lounge at Hotel Casa 425 in Claremont.


Rok N Fondue is located at 25 East State Street in Redlands. For more information on reservations and hours call (909) 793-1919, or visit them on the web at


 Full disclosure: A portion of dinner was provided by Rok N Fondue, but all opinions are 100% our own.