Nightlife | The Brandin' Iron Country Nightclub

By: Katrina Honer


Whether you have two left feet, or happen to be the best dancer around, The Brandin’ Iron Country Nightclub, also known as B.I., offers an unforgettable dancing experience to everyone who walks through their doors. Don’t let the name fool you—this club offers more than the name implies with an eclectic mix of country, Top 40 and hip-hop music, plus an array of live bands and DJs throughout the week. Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it here.


B.I. is popular for a variety of reasons including their large concerts featuring world renowned artists such as Taylor Swift and Cole Swindell, to their ridiculously low drink prices. With nightly promotions that can cater to the college crowd one evening, and to families the next, what also brings thousands of locals and first timers in every week to this club is line dancing and the free 30 minute dance lesson offered Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

As much as I love to dance, I can’t say I have great coordination when it comes to anything choreographed. With that being said, the team and I decided it was time we all slipped into some modern cowgirl threads, ready to learn the art of line dancing at this San Bernardino hotspot.


We made our way down to B.I. on a Thursday evening where we heard is the most popular for regulars who have been coming to line dance at this club for the past 22 years. Tucked away on a quiet street corner, the club proved to be anything but quiet as we walked through the double doors at 6:30p.m. into a bustling arena of patrons playing pool, a line for the mechanical bull, and synchronized cowboys and cowgirls already spinning, turning and clapping on what I soon learn to be the largest wooden dance floor in the Inland Empire. With free entry before 7p.m., I could understand how quickly B.I. can become packed within an hour of opening.


As I made my way around the club, I could not help but take in the inviting décor. We were given a private tour by the manager, Rick. He shows us the Band Room where you can see signed and framed photographs of artists that have taken the stage, and newspaper clippings of successful love stories of those who met on the dance floor, blanketed the brick walls only adding to the warm country nature that this club aims to uphold. You’ll find the people and staff here are just as inviting when, without hesitation, they will introduce their selves and share their stories about B.I, the best things to order off the menu and tips for line dancing.


With two bars opposite each other from the dance floor, this club serves everything from moonshine to spirits to quench your thirst. You will definitely get your money’s worth with their Thursday specials that include $2.50 domestics and $1 you-call-it-wells after 9p.m. Visit on a Friday night, and enjoy $1 chilled Fireball shots. If you are not sure what to try, the manager’s top recommendation is the house original Arnold Palmer Peach Moonshine. Provided complimentary for the team, we can vouch this sweet libation with a bit of kick is insanely delicious. Pair this drink with the best-selling item from their menu, the chicken strips, and a complete dinner here will run you less than $20.

As the clock drew closer to 7:30p.m., the team and I made our way to the already packed dance floor and to our surprise, we were learning how to line dance to Walk the Moon’s latest single, “Shut Up and Dance With Me.” Our instructor guided us through the movements breaking down each step into a catchy chant. If we didn’t get the steps down the first time, there was no need to worry as the instructor graciously continued to repeat the movements until we all agreed we were comfortable enough to move on. As we continued to learn more steps, we finally put them all together and practiced the complete routine a couple of times through before they cued the music. I was pumped and ready to give it a real try.


When the music turned on, it was incredible to see the entire group all move as one to the beat of the song—boot stamping, hand clamping and spinning all in unison. I felt pretty good mastering the steps until we turned to face the opposite wall. I was so focused on getting the steps down I forgot once the routine was completed each time through, we were to switch direction every time until the song ended. 
By the end of dance, I felt accomplished and was actually sweating bullets—I had no idea line dancing could be such a workout! I’d say a couple more times practicing the routine, I will finally have developed some decent coordination. Feel free to check out how well the team and I did on our Instagram.


With a celebratory high five, we made our way back to our table, ending the night listening to the local band take the stage and watching dancers continuing to weave on and off the floor in synchronization to every song.

The next you’re looking for a little country fun in the city, swing by the Brandin’ Iron where there’s a little something for everyone. If you are ready to kick up your heels and try your shot at line dancing, check out B.I.’s monthly schedule online, which lists the dance that will be taught per night and the routine to practice ahead of time. If the dancing doesn’t bring you in, the cheap drinks, good eats and friendly people certainly will, along with these other events to look forward to—Wednesday is College Night, Thursday, Friday and Saturday have Complimentary Dance Lessons at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday is Family Day from 2p.m.-7p.m., where all ages can learn to dance.


The Brandin' Iron Country Nightclub is located at 320 South "E" Street in San Bernardino. For more information call (909) 888-7388 or visit their website.